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  4. A todos los que quieran actualizarse a la versión con google pay store, siquiendo los pasos de tonino2012 post 2 de febreo ( mutxas gracias salao) la he conseguido upgradear y todo excepto el temita de la hora, funciona correctamente. Alguna mejora en cuanto al kernel no estaría mal , pero conforme con la relación calidad precio (pantalla mu güena) To all those who want to upgrade to the version with google pay store, if you follow the steps of tonino2012 post February 2, I have managed to upgrade and everything except the time of the hour, works correctly. Some improvement in terms of the kernel would not be bad, but according to the price-quality ratio ( display good).
  5. Last week
  6. It also worked for me (windows 10 1709 Update)... Thanx a lot!
  7. Please HELP ! How can i reinstall menu partitions for bootable ONDA V919 AIR. I have install Windows 10 it boot ok by boot setup séquence, i arrived to install android 7, it run after install, but after reboot it's not possible to run not assign in boot sequence, not recognize to onda android dual boot : windows ok but android in loop after click (not found?). thanks... If someone speak french it 'll be cool !
  8. See earlier posts in this forum. There is a way to update the tablet so it have Google function. After that the problem is solved. But you need to have a computer and some computer skills to do the update. By the way, the tablet have very poor performance, it can barely play normal Youtube videos.
  9. oest detect a second partition on a removable flash drive, So I will never be able to put the 6gb image files onto the USB ,so all aolmail.com www.aolmail.com
  10. was promised to have Youtube, G-mail, Google etc, but had barely no apps installed at all. Not even a web-browser was installed. showbox latest version showbox apk
  11. Program keyboard hotkeys

    was promised to have Youtube, G-mail, Google etc, but had barely no apps installed at all. Not even a web-browser was installed. zoho mail login zoho mail sign up
  12. Onda may re-issue with a different Baidu file url )- onda.cn download dates were added to original file name ( Onda re-issues with same file names )Upload to ondaforum download directory ( or ftp server then link in download directory post )Translated file information copy / pasted i barclays credit card apply capital one credit card status
  13. Hello guys I had the same problem and I followed all the steps now wi-fi is working but touch screen and physical button do not work please help me
  14. Tips and ROMs

    Não resolve mesmo instalando essa outra rom Testei ela Descobrir tbm que dá pra instalar o windows neste tablet So basta te em um pen drive
  15. Earlier
  16. Please, I can't swich android to windows in onda v80 plus Help meeeee!!
  17. Please, i need a dual os rom(android and windows ) for onda v80 plus Or a method to install windows 10 and android 5.1 in onda v80 plus Big thanks!!!
  18. With the help of download manager JDowloader2 luckily I've downloaded both 1. V820W_DUALOS_V5_TH2_20160115.part1.rar 2. V820W_DUALOS_V5_TH2_20160115.part2.rar from baidu servers, no more "server error 403" warnings, in the process I solved captchas 5-6 times. So, if anyone needs them, both files by @Colin5619 are still available Probably it would be a good idea to upload them to a more friendly server, in English.
  19. hello do you have the ROM for Onda Obook 11 Plus? i have formated my tablet and i don't have the drivers. the touch, wifi and sensor of rotate screen don't work as well.
  20. Boot from SD-Card or flash a ROM with PhonixCard

    Hello, I have eSTAR MID 7818 mini. It's all started when in the day I brought the device, it was saying '<this app> has stopped', '<that app> has stopped'. I didn't mind this, but after a month it started saying that all the time (with popup windows) not leaving me to be able to tap anything and can use it.... For some months I got it, using factory reset almost every day. Then I thought that rooting the tablet might solve the problem. After rooting and using the device well, the next day suddenly in a reboot it stucked on bootloop..!?! Reading how to fix bootloop, I tried to flash a custom recovery, after installing all the ADB drivers (there are not exist for the same model), but it said 'install aborted' (error from system recovery). I tried this from PC, too! Also, with many ROM firmware images and files, many other recoveries and with help of many different guides and programs.... A month ago the system recovery ended (it doesn't shows it at all). The tablet does not showing anything... Any combination of buttons (home & power buttons only exist) is useless. It can't be recognized by PC or ADB (and does not have recovery at all now),,...!?!... I believe that flashing SD using PhonixCard could fix the "dead - bricked" device. Does the tablet needs custom recovery??? Can I flash a stock or official ROM from other model or brand??? Does SD 8GB works??? Thanks.
  21. found. now android have 24GB free space partition_table=gpt create -z /dev/block/mmcblk0 create /dev/block/mmcblk0 boot -p /dev/block/mmcblk0 reload /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 40 -s 131072 -t efi -u C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B -l ESP -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 131112 -s 131072 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-FFFFFFFFFFF0 -l reserved -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 262184 -s 32768 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000100 -l boot -T 3 -P 15 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 294952 -s 32768 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000101 -l recovery -T 3 -P 14 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 327720 -s 32768 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000102 -l fastboot -T 3 -P 13 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 360488 -s 32768 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-FFFFFFFFFFF1 -l reserved_1 -T 3 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 393256 -s 131072 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000104 -l test -T 3 -P 12 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 524328 -s 65536 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000001 -l panic -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 589864 -s 262144 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000002 -l factory -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 852008 -s 262144 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000003 -l misc -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 1114152 -s 262144 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000004 -l config -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 1376296 -s 1835008 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000005 -l cache -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 3211304 -s 524288 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000006 -l logs -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 3735592 -s 4194304 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000007 -l system -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 add -b 7929896 -s $calc($lba_end-16384) -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000008 -l data -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 reload /dev/block/mmcblk0
  22. ONDA V18 Pro

    Firmware root for ONDA V18 Pro V1.0.0-v1.1 Download
  23. Hello,


    I have the following message

    You may only download 3 files at a time. Wait until some of your other downloads have finished, then try again.

    But I don't have active download ?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. mellado



      my tablet is hs, she does not boot anymore.
      I do not need your help anymore.
      Thank you and good day
  24. Onda drivers

    Sorry, I need also the following file V891_DUAL_OS_V5B.part2.rar In fact, I'm looking files because there is touch screen problem.... Could you help me Thanks
  25. Onda drivers

    sorry for my language. Herve
  26. Onda drivers

    Hello, Coud you put available firmware on web ? v891 DUAL OS V5B.part1.rar Thanks for your help and have great day. Herve
  27. for v5 who has problem with touch screen not working property this solution is work for me. Bios >> http://www.mediafire.com/download/4mm9yd60yeba441/V891W+DualOS+BIOS(V5).rar or https://mega.nz/#!2YQSSJYA!UnOnqz9MMrx3Ph4pQkXZcKNe00iz0-hbrUB3OUD_HPQ Driver (work with any versions of windows 8,10) >> https://mega.nz/#!iNZ2wA5T!h0cf_dPADP2ZiKeBZ22sUXuwSoHvTj7Hr2xs2d9BJSo
  28. ONDA V80 PLUS emmc failure problem

    type reset on shell and see what happens, if it reboots to bootloader , factory reset it...it should probably,....has never encountered that issue before tthough
  29. stuck in shell' parse fail

    FIXED!!!!! was able to fix by following the guide from the other forum, I suggest Google auto translate the site since its in Russian language, turned out it was my mistake for using other gpt.bin aside from the stock and the modified ones that were for onda v80 plus tablet....also some one on this forum had the same issue like mine being stuck on shell parse error...if someone got stuck on it, just type reset then you device should probably reboot to bootloader, factory reset and delete all users, it would reboot again and most probably will still get stuck on the android robot logo, don't worry it means its android is starting to upgrade, once that's done it should continue to boot up to the onda logo...wait and be patient sometimes it should take a while...credits to aleha81 of 4pda forum...https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=770572&st=2320 also I would like you to look at this credits to cocnte_be of 4pdaforum...thanks and godbless..I should have probably posted some pics when it was still having issues however I was too focused on trying to find a solution for my problem... Installing Android on v7 (all partitions will be erased, All memory is available: 32GB): (Add to the header !!!!) To reinstall the system, you will need: 1. OTG cable + USB hub 2. usb keyboard 3. USB flash drive formatted fat32 (with label "android") and in the root of the flash drive to rewrite all the files from the archive with the firmware for Android 4. we connect the flash drive and the keyboard to the tablet, turn on the tablet and press F7, go into BootManager, select the USB drive: 5. 7 minutes and android is Windows will be deleted. If the Androide switch OS to Windows, then there will be a cyclic overload, it will be necessary to go back to BootManager (F7) and select Android. If you want to leave only one Andorid, then you need to remove the OS switch icon from the shutter.To do this before the firmware it is necessary to replace the file qpt.bin https://yadi.sk/d/7MfLG0J7vRYkFFirmware: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Hex5/PzTDcqJt1
  30. stuck in shell' parse fail

    so guys I had a Lil problem, ( I think its a Lil problem ) I have downloaded, and flashed the stock ROM for onda v80 plus version 7 and it was a success, however I was never contented with only 8gb of partition for android and was thinking of other ways to download a modified version of gpt.bin for other tablets that I thought would be compatible and possible, so I used some of teclast x80 modified gpt.bin that uses 20gb partition, pasted it and overwritten the stock gpt.bin that was on my bootable usb, w/c is unfortunately led me to being stuck in shell, parse fail error....so now I'm right back to square one and its really irritating to download from baidu...already spent more than half a day trying to redownload that stock few for version 7...so if anyone has encountered the same problem as me, please feel free to reply on how to fix this...thanks
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