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  4. Onda obook 20 plus v7 need bios.
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  6. Someone can download from baidu and upload on gdrive dropbox? https://pan.baidu.com/s/1gfkUwH9
  7. Once you’ve extracted the file, you’ll see a Setup.exe file which will contain the version number. For this example, this is version v2.0.6.2, but that will certainly change as new versions are released. If you don’t have the latest version, don’t worry. There’s an update feature in the application itself. printed circuit board printing and assembly
  8. Someone can help me? I flash this firmware on my tablet , that was stuck on onda logo, first start to android the touchscreen dont work; I reboot the tablet and now is stuck on onda logo .
  9. Hello. Does anyone have a image with the rom with update f? I have installed cleanonda test on the Phoenix card. It run good from the SD card. But I can't update. And if I try to flash with the Phoenix card it get stuck in the progress bar. The only way I can run it is to boot from the card and run it. But then I am unable to update. So I need a rom image that is already updated. My onda crashes before when I was transferring some. Files via ftp and now I can't change anything in the internal storage.. Is like is locked. I try to boot to recovery and do factory reset. But when I start it again it has all the applications and stuff that was before factory reset. I try to flash the firmware from Phoenix suite and no luck. It always start from. The point when it crashed.. So my only option is to run the android rpm direct from. Phoenixcard. Any help would be appreciated. I love this tablet. And cleansonda rom
  10. Hi I've had a problem since this morning. I have the tablet in the boot loop. Does anyone know where I can recover the firmware and how to reinstall it? Thank you.
  11. thurstanh

    Onda air v989 latest os for non Chinese use

    Did you ever get it working properly. I finally pulled this tablet out of storage again and it is really frustrating. Many rom links are dead, others require a baidu account which I'm unable to access from australia (doesn't except my phone number for security code). I don't mind using it just for a second screen or photo frame, but it is really slow and crashing.
  12. Bsaavedra


    Hello Can you reupload the second part i can´t make the download from the forum and baidu doens´t work where. Regards
  13. leper

    Italiani tutti qui.

    Ciao a tutti, io ho un Onda V919 Air Ch, solo Windows. Ieri sera ho caricato il bios v7, perchè in seguito ad un aggiornamento di windows non funzionavano più il bottone di accensione e i tasti del volume. Il flash è andato bene, ora all'accensione si presenta la possibilità si scegliere tra Android e Windows. Io ovviamente scelgo Windows e tutto funziona bene. Non so cosa succede se provo ad avviare Android, ad ogni modo mi piacerebbe a questo punto avere entrambi i sistemi operativi. Sapete se è possibile farlo? Grazie
  14. Hi mychalme, I flashed the new Bios Y05DV117 on my Onda V919 Air CH Windows only, so now I have the choice of Android or Windows at startup. Naturally I select Windows and everything works fine, I dont'k know what it could happen if I select Android... However, it seems it is possible to flash the tablet in order to have both the systems, Android and Windows, it is right? If I understood well, I have to follow the instructions in 1. Brief manual based on the Chinese instructionsw from the link https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/rom-onda-v919-air-ch-dualos-android-t3375660. It is right? I can try to flash the image at https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385035244224386725, right? Thank you very much
  15. Repair corrupt or damaged BKF files and restore invaluable data which have been lost due to any reason with expert and reliable BKF Recovery tool. *Finds and locate lost BKF files in hard drive *Repairs BKF files which have been created with using Backup Exec through Veritas or Windows NTBackup *Scan output saved in DAT file to resume the recovery process later *Repair BKF files that are corrupted due to CRC errors *Support recovery from .BKF, .CTF, and .FD backup files *Easy to Use with GUI interface, No technical skill required *30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee *Use Free Trial Version & See Preview of recover data Restore damaged BKF file of Windows bkf :- http://www.filesrecoverytool.com/bkf-recovery-tool.html
  16. Please, The two files below. When i download the files, above of 600mb the connection closes and wont resume. Can you upload on mirror like Yandex please. I Tried with various OS and various Browsers, the problem persists. V820w_v1.part1.rar Reupload V820w_v1.part2.rar Reupload
  17. natao2008

    Error on downloading

    Hello, You could help me, I am trying to download 2 files on the ondaforum.com website for the Onda V820w tablet, but whenever I put to download the file, close to 500mb the download breaks and it is not possible to resume and continue. I tested on various OS and varios browsers. V820w_v1.part1.rar V820w_v1.part2.rar Did you ever download this file, have it in a mirror?
  18. how to access a download that is not accessiblethank you
  19. MrDonDero

    How to onda v820w reset BIOS?

    Hello I'm having issues with my touch after a clean install of wins10 RS 2 on my onda v80+ SN P80PSBH7V9A00708 please any help
  20. Hello! My tablet is always losing WLAN connection, (bith androdi/W10) although the rouuter is really near . What can I do?
  21. Hello! I can't update the W10 beracuse there is not enough space free. Anybody who solved this?
  22. hello my dear friends, so...i have a fresh windows 10 on ONDA v919 ch dual OS. When i connect tablet to PC, it doesn't recognize the tablet. It never has, from the beginning...Neither on my computer or on my friends computer. I updated all drivers with connected tablet. Still nothing. How is that possible? Do I need some extra drivers, enabling something on PC? Thanks in advance
  23. Hi Pacman.

    How do I make a clean android installation.


    I can only install windows on my ONDA v919 3g Air without any problems but whenever I try to install android it after pressing EFI in dos the system says "(image type x64 is not supported 'by this IA32 shell).


    I formatted my usb in fat32, removed all chinese files and renamed system.img to system-mod.img.

    Please help


  24. Rodinei

    driver help

    Como vocês fizeram para reinstalar o windows 10? não estou conseguindo de forma alguma...
  25. Hi I have an Onda v101w windows tablet and the language is in Chinese. I have followed all of the online instructions and got the English language installed but some of the tablet is still in Chinese. I have even had this to a computer shop and they had the same problem. Does anyone know if I can get this into English somehow as it’s driving me crazy. Any help would be much appreciated with this problem.
  26. Hi, can you share again the V7 / V9 firmware? i just could not dowload it from onda offical site (this Baidu is complicated for me to deal with). Thanks!
  27. vincio3

    Onda oBook 11 v5 bios hard reset

    Hi Aigars535 I have an Onda Obook 11 (not Pro version) and cant reset bios settings with your tutorial. Please help me! I messed up with video settings and now I have no screen at all. I used to enter BIOS pressing F2 and then down (5 times if I remember) to go to system configuration (the one in your image). I tried all combinations but no luck (DEL, ESC, F2) Could you please confirm the PRO version has the same steps of "normal" version? Many thanks
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