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  2. Tablet venduto. Esperienza da dimenticare... In bocca al lupo a chi se lo tiene
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  4. Yes, I agree with you. Thanks.
  5. got same similar story with v80 plus and gearshit badjoke "support" lol
  6. WOW!!! Amazing !!! I upvoted you !!!
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  8. Thank you. I am waiting for your guide.
  9. If only those forum have any usefull info on onda v80 plus (i have checked whole both) lol
  10. Hello, I tried to restore Windows 10 and stuck on 55%. After that, the system never workd again (don't start). I tried to make a fresh install and manage to get the drivers, all seems to be ok now excepting for the touch screen is not calibrated (windows calibration doesn't work) and there is no auto-rotate. Please, some one can help me? Are there some other drivers what I need to download to fix this?. Also it's is impossible for me to register on Baidu so i can't download Windows 10 or Android (is broken too) firmware neither! please! some help! Thank you vaery much in advanced!
  11. Guys.... Most of the OTG cable will not charge your device, you will need custom otg specially builded for onda device and this in not happen yet. second option is that your device should be fllashed with custom builded KERNEL. even most of smartphones doesnt natively suppport OTG plus charging and if the OTG plus charging work, they will be bit more expencive...
  12. This is a User only forum, nothing to do with Onda.. Use Chrome browser and go to www.ondabbs.cn, or Onda.cn there's lots of helpful stuff there. the Chrome browser will translate the Chinese.
  13. same problem
  14. bios

    dunno if this could be usefull to anyone but i found this pdf with info on the SOC of the tablet http://composter.com.ua/documents/AXP288_ver1.07.pdf and this is the best ressource of info i found during my weeks of rechearch (sadly in russian but google traduction do the job): http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=770572
  15. bios

    i have done rechearch on google for days without results. and no i din't have mess with any bootloader since i don't need to to touch this for no reason lol
  16. It is pain to get the root, specially when all is in Chinese text... The guide is about erase the 5.1 android and flash remix 2.0 which can be flashed with TWRP and SuperSU afterwards If you like Chinese forum here is lot and lots to read: http://itools.com/tool/google-translate-web-page-translator https://tieba.baidu.com/p/4863909182?pn=0& http://www.ondabbs.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=73859&extra=page%3D1 http://mic.cooldra.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3&page=1&mobile=2 http://www.ondabbs.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=73859&extra=page=1&WebShieldDRSessionVerify=A5LotHvIUltZ84205NRl Unfortunately I haven't been successful with log in with provided account, I will try contact the person, so let's hope... Link to server where is the image 1.19Gb: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jIM76TK Passwd:5hjk But doesn't work for me, the pwd doesn't work or may I do something wrong. Who knows all is in Chinese I'll be back when I get some update Have fun D!@bl0
  17. Thank you very much for your post. That looks not very promising ... I am actually missing the point what one would do with a modified boot.img ... and if we were already modifying the boot.img and flashing it successfully, wouldn't it be better to just implant SuperSU directly there, then? You see, I am rather naive when it comes to Android devices and their attempts to lock out their owners. Once I am desperate enough I might try using the tutorial and those images ... For not experienced persons like me this looks like a good way to brick the device, though. I guess the ROM on needrom.com is Windows 10, not Android. I am not so sure any more that Obook 20 was a good choice
  18. bios

    By the way I read somewhere that in those tablets you have to flash the bios by putting it into an sd card and even if the screen is blank you should be able to flash it, google it
  19. Tanks
  20. I will make a guide, I did it I think
  21. bios

    I think I was able to factory reset the device completely maybe, I will make a guide, but I don't think you can broke the bios so easily, unless you messed up with bootloader things. From what I remember you don't, right? I'm almost sure btw that when you're running android it's using another sub-bootloader. The partition list confirms it. I think your tablet broke for another reason, you should always be able to open the bios.
  22. Hi, I have not found the drivers for my v891w ch tablet, with cherry trayl platform, there is no driver for 64bit? I did a windows format, so I got caught up with the updates, and I managed to install windows 10, but it does not recognize The screen, nor the wifi, Any solution? Thanks
  23. Hi, I have not found the drivers for my v891w ch tablet, with cherry trayl platform, there is no driver for 64bit? I did a windows format, so I got caught up with the updates, and I managed to install windows 10, but it does not recognize The screen, nor the wifi, Any solution? Thanks
  24. Thank but I believe I should reset to factory settings. Because I think windows update will delete hardware drivers in V80. Do you know how can I reset V80 to factory settings ? Thanks
  25. here is what you looking for.... hope this helps D!@bl0
  26. try to format the micro sd card usb stick or another computer, after let it format again by android and try to dont remove it out.. if you need to remove the card use unmount/eject button once a time is also good and recommend to make back up of your data to external/online storage btw here is link for firmware: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/onda-table-gapps-firmware-root-tutorial-t3462774 have fun D!@BL0
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