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  3. kilo_bit

    Teclast X98 Plus II 2 in 1 Tablet

    Hello there, I dont know if i should open a new topic, let me know then. I have big problem with my teclast x98 plus 2, problem is connected with battery, when i am using this tablet (browser only) i am loosing 3% per 5minutes. Its draining my battery so fast, i have tried to reset windows 10 and also on android its the same problem. Even when my wifi is turned off and tablet is sleeping its loosing power super fast (1% on 10min even more) Where is the problem? bios? or old battery? I want to mention that when tablet is fully off battery stays loaded. Thank You !
  4. Hi all. just for info.. I have re-installed Win 10 and Android Lollipop on my oBook 20 Plus. I rarely go into android but one the rare occasion I always get confused on how to get a boot back into Win 10.. Tip: if you drag your finger down from the top of the Android screen you will see an item you can click on . Switch OS. touch that and it restarts the tablet back into Win 10. Fortunately with my refresh of Win 10 it put a the switch icon, back on the desktop.. Switch to Android... so no problem there.
  5. jacky1186

    How to operate boot menu v891 Dual os?

    long press volume + to select
  6. Ok.. after a little thought: I booted up the Android OS and installed Chrome which has a microphone input in the search bar.. it workred... very well!. Now i just need to find out how to enable the mic (wherever it is) in Windows mode. HELP please.
  7. Hi all. I have the Onda oBook 20 Plus.. It has served me well but have had a new tablet bought me. I'm cleaning of all my data etc before sale.. reset windows and Android etc. On rebooting Windows the annoying Cortana is asking for instructions.. It say it can't hear me.. "problem with the microphone?" I can't ever remember using a microphone for anything on this tablet.. I can't see the usual hole in the chassis where there might be one for the mic. So does it have one at all and I'm chasing my tail trying to enable it? I plugged in a Logitech camera (USB) just to see if it recognised the mic in it. It did and worked immediately. I don't want to sell this on if it has a fault
  8. onda tablets are junk ive bought 2 of them and had nothing but problems with both get a $100.00 windows rca tablet if you want something cheap that actually works decent
  9. mousendahouse2

    Onda Tablets Suck

    onda offers no support and the updates are worse these things have so many glitches and driver problems they will never run properly they are loaded down with so much chinese spyware and worthless apps its unreal half of them you cant erase them just disable them save your money and just get a 100 dollar rca windows tablet from walmart these things will just piss you off they look nice if thats all your going for go ahead but if you want something that you dont feel like throwing out the window of your car dont buy onda crap
  10. mousendahouse2

    Keep away from Onda Tablet

    onda makes a nice looking tablet but both of the tablets i have bought was junk and support for them is even worse not to mention the crappy way of charging them the things can be plugged into the charger it came with and still cant keep up with the power they use these things are way over priced for what you get and a lot of apps dont work on it after wasting over 400 bucks on onda crap in less then a year i bought a rca windows tablet from walmart for 100 bucks and been using it almost every day for about 2 years now and guess what they offer updates and support unlike onda
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  13. Hello everyone, I have a problem installing windows 10. When I start the tablet from usb, I see a command window, and I do not know what to do at this point Can you help me? thanks and best regards
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  15. look at other thread where it says that with new google play update onda freezes
  16. Hello to everyone If your tablet is Freezing or Blocked Up: is not your Fault, is not your Tablet hardware, Is not your wifi device, is not your Router... Is the GooglePlay services, is the new update from google, is causing this bug for us... Please call to google play services, they have a number to report him issues, use it... more pleople call = quick solution. This is another post... Lets try to push this GoogleGuys to give us one solution... Regards
  17. Hello to everyone, Same problem over here, I test everything, Yesterday I call to Google Services and Put a reclamation, report... EN ESPAÑOL... Im in Spain. Search the number from your Country Is better if all call to this GoogleGuys and place our report !! Together We Can.. Regards
  18. Where are wifi 5Ghz.wifi setings only 2Ghz.how change wifi band? Mirek
  19. Reply to all: 1) I did tried to go to settings/apps/reset all preferences .. again no luck 2) By disabling Google services and Google play store and downloading apps from apkmirror does NOT solve the problem...because the apps i use need Google play services in order to work ...I m getting very disappointed to this issue as what I can understand from reading in other forums (unfortunately 😑) Google may NOT fix this because it s an old OS and might not support it anymore ....I was forced to buy a new tablet 😈
  20. Is the Onda V10 pro keyboard compatible with the Onda V18 pro? Appreciate if someone can enlighten me. Thank you
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  23. Hello All, I am looking for a method to execute root on this tablet (iRoot, kingoroot, framaroot, one click root - failed) how to upload twrp to this tablet or other alternative software ----------------------------------- thanks everyone for the hints yaro
  24. pzkyyi


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  27. New reupload: http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/97-v919-3g_v10_v1rar/
  28. It's possible they (google) are making changes if this works for you now. It didn't a few weeks back - I'd reset all apps to default and even reset to factory and every time, when it came to signing into google, it froze. It just got worse until wifi didn't even connect. Hopefully it'll be fixed but as was mentioned, sideloading the apks will work so the tablet is still useful.
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