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  4. Hi I wonder if there is a new firmware available for the Onda 20 Plus? I found this one Firmware update? But not sure how to patch it or if it's even legit I'm still trying to resolve my windows sd card issue Thanks
  5. Hi Very long time indeed - If anyone is reading this how are you? - I have recently found my ONDA V975M, V3 which is currently running Rozac ROM 2014 and I am looking for the updated ROM. Unfortunately, all the links are dead from this site - If you are reading this and by some pure miracle you have the latest ROM (not by Rozac but by someone called Stane) if anyone can help me out I would very much appreciate it. Thanks Darren
  6. I need to download the android system recovery files. 0.pmf ... 14.pmf. But i can't find a working link. Someone help please...
  7. Hi A few time a go I installed only windows in my Onda Tablet and it crashed. Now I want to reinstall original Dual OS System but the files has expired. Can anyone please update the full firmware again? Tks Johnatan
  8. hi @isixoulis . yes after trying endlessly and using google chrome to translate, I was able to download the files (currently downloading) Steps I took 1) http://cs.onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=375&d=down Scroll down to end, what I perceive, they are sorted in order of date (oldest in start/latest in the end) 2) Click the green button (both will open file in web cloud), don't know whats the difference between two buttons. 3) Now here when u select the file, by checking the box, and download button (arrow down) it will first download BaiduNetdisk.exe file (since it is BaiduCloud file and will be downloaded through Baidu app, similar to dropbox i guess) Download>Install>Create account by clicking the red Chinese on login window (require to submit number) Note, for me, app didn't give any option to add foreign number, outside china, so make account on web by selecting I forget password, and then there is an option on web page to insert foreign number. After that , u will receive sms code, insert and create a password>rewrite password>log in directly> Change name (this will be ur id) 4) Write name and password in BaiduNetdisk app that you entered on website. 5) Back to step (2) and (3) but this time when you select the folder and click download button (down arrow) it will open a notification on top for allowing netdisk.exe (dont remember the exact name) . Just allow it and it will start downloading. 6) Two files will start downloading 4GB and 1.39 (total 5.39GB) which is bcoz BaiduCloud allow 4GB maximum size for individual account. 7) My download is not finnished yet, but I guess I can combine both of them during extraction process. I still dont know yet how to install this image on to tab yet, but I hope I will find some help online. If you or anyone know guide or step by step instruction to install this window10 image do let me know, since my tab is window is corrupt and give recovery error on window startup
  9. I have a v919 duel boot and my screen started this as well some time between March 27 - April 2nd. I think it was either a windows update from what I'v been reading. I read the touchsetting.gt file needs replaced but that didn't work and the odd thing Ican't determine the video chip set even after using Intels system check program. Got Intels web site and run that program it might help plus it gives you all the specs on your tablet. I think the easiest thing to do is reload the image and deal with the chinaeese language. The Onda web site really sucks if you thnik about it they should have a language option on the site. If you find anything out let me know.
  10. I had downloads for V820W blocked and aborted... Now I have this with 0 download and I need 1 last file to reflash the tablet : " You may only download 3 files at a time. Wait until some of your other downloads have finished, then try again. " Can you reset limits to 0 ? Do I have to disconnect and login again ?
  11. dear sir: I just find this paper on download information. and want Angda V719 3G V1-0-1_V3 firmware for flash my tabelet. would you send it to my box : mushanxia@aliyun.com thank you a lot. mushanxia
  12. geia sou...apo ellada? exw ena provlima me to tablet ?ksereis apo auta?

  13. Hey All, I realise this forum is a ghost town these days but if anyone can upload the ROM I need to change from Stane's to Cyph3r's, it would be much appreciated! I believe it is the following file (it doesn't seem to be available anymore via the links above): ONDA_V975m_V3_v1.0.9_rozak_20140414-4G.rar.
  14. agorifun

    v820w v5

    hi, i have onda v820w v5 and i delete windows and android , where i can find windows iso file and android to install all from the begin , and the steps. thank you
  15. cassanov99

    Onda v80 Drivers and Software

    The link u can use which leads to de baidu links is as follow: http://www.onda.cn/Tablet_Supports.aspx?id=341 The needed links depends on your version number. The download rate from baidu is very disapointing at the most times. I do stil have problems with the iso i have downloaded, the file that are tranfert from boot do not work to boot from disk, so i have asked gearbest for the firmware and to upload it to wetransfer.
  16. weiwei69

    Oukitel MIX 2 4G Phablet

  17. It's crazy, right ? The drivers available only work in the version supplied by Onda, which is crappy :/
  18. Onda Obook 20 Plus with processor x5-Z8300, working WIN 10. After upgrade version for 1703 to 1709, Net adapter desappear and now there is not conexion to WIFI due there is not net adapter. Trying download manualy , in the Intel option to select Intel Cherry Trail x5-Z8300 not appear. Could someone tell me how to get de net adapter ?
  19. Hi Kawamax I have just the same problem. Trying to upgrade from another version of Windows does'nt work too.
  20. Hello, I have an Onda V80 Plus Tablet with the z8350 CPU (I think its the V9) and after reinstalling windows cleanly I tried to install touch drivers but right after installing them the touch goes completly crazy (random touches everywhere, can't do anything). Do you have any drivers that could do the trick ? Thanks ! PS : I installed a clean version of windows because the one that was pre installed systematically ran all my apps (Chrome, Office, etc...) in chinese, even tho the language has been changed to english ^^. PSS : Please, do not send me Baidu links ! I cant create an account for it, their website doesn't allow me to. Mediafire, Google Drive, Wetransfer, dropbox, 4shared, 1fichier.com are few of many websites that does'nt require an account to download
  21. V7 V9 with correct gpt file firmware download link: https://mega.nz/#!3PglHT4L!IyNwLI91nXc6H9muoZKMEKEHdfB_85Cg0yz2P4rNaqs
  22. I used the version V80 PLUS android固件(适用V7、V9版本)-20160620 [固件] on my V9 in combination with the gpt file in this thread and everything works perfectly. The memory for android has gone from 7 to 25 GB
  23. me too, please can I erase the android partition?
  24. mic1000s

    Onda V10 4G problem

    Quelle est la version du noyau qui est installé dans votre Honda V10 4G, je n'ai aucun souci avec la mienne. Contactez-moi sur le forum ou sur le blog de tablette-chinoise.net, mon pseudo est mic1000s.
  25. peppe76

    Onda V10 4G problem

    Hi, I have exactly same issue than you. Google services crashes all the time and all system is unstable... I've seen that nobody could help you...Did you find a solution alone ?
  26. hi I have the problem to erase the android partition can you explain me what I have to do please? the step 5/6 don't work for me
  27. stellaaurora

    Onda oBook11 Plus 2 in 1 Tablet PC

    i just got a new onda 11 plus with windows 10.. on first use, it requires me to login to my microsoft account but the problem is, the tablet is not yet connected to the internet, it has an X in the internet icon. what should i do to login in my new tablet. it has been more than 24hours that ive been trying to figure out. i tried to hard reset using power + volume up/down but it does not do hard reset, there is also no reset hole in my tablet
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