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  4. How to install windows on Onda v820w v5. When I try this guide this is shown to me.
  5. Pls, can you upload the manual again. The actual link is broken thnks in advance
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  7. Предлагаю импактор PILEMASTER I3000, который служит для быстрогоразрушения дорог, оснований взлетных полос, а также для уплотнения насыпных грунтов. Ширина барабана: 1300 мм; Скорости движения: 11 км\ч; Частота удара: 120 ударов\мин.; Сила удара при разрушении дорожных оснований: 46000 Дж; Есть варианты более производительных установок с полной механизацией процессов по разрушению бетонных оснований, а также для дробления острых камней на насыпных дорогах. Работы которые можно выполнять импактором PILEMASTER I3000: -Демонтаж бетонных покрытий; -Разрушение асфальтобенонных покрытий; -Уплотнение оснований; Быстро. Четко. Дорого Компания УМ Строймост контактный телефон: +7(3435) 370-180 info@pilemaster.ru База г.Екатеринбург можем отправить транспортной компанией ПЭК
  8. I want to uninstall Win10 from my V919 Air and use the complete capacity for Android. But how to do? Any solution is welcome.
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  10. I was thinking about buy this tablet, but only 3 GB Ram , little old processor tell me that I sat with my old MI pad 3.
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  12. Slickwilly

    Are there...

    would be great to have an updated rom
  13. Hi, I can don nothing with this. No response to any action I take. This is a second hand tablet, I have no previous infor about that. Cannot flash new bios, android or windows image. I have made a research from a week. First problem is, that Im not sure in the version of the tablet. There is V8 on the back, but I found on the motherboard: T10-B-Z3735F-V1_2, 20150611. Bios version is: ONDA.D976JFANR01, 2015.05.18. I can enter to DNX mode, but cannot flash. It is stopping always at 10% after rebooted back to boot menu. I tried all the versions of manufacturing flash tool. I cannot reinstall Android on the usual way with UEFI booting. Wont boot from the flashdrive, only from the built-in efi shell. There is the boot menu available to choose between Android or Windows. Now there is a working Windows 8.1 on it, but I would have only Android. Cannot install. Do you have any advice?
  14. Hello my taplet onda v919 air v9 dual os android and win 10 i convert disk gpt to mbr Then restart the device This screen appeared to me What is the solution Please ???
  15. After getting no support for this tablet (not a moan about this forum) I decided it was time to sell mine on.. Lost a few pound in selling it but it was frustrating to have a device that you just could not (I never found out) restore to factory status,, I'm sure there is a recovery partition on the SSD but no idea how to activate it. Pity; there's a lot going for it.. screen was very nice. Lesson.. buy something with at least some support.. I just bought a Lenovo Yoga.. lost for choice on support yet not expensive if you get refurb model with 12 month warranty. Anyway thanks to the host of the forum.. and adios.
  16. Xavi QC

    Onda v919 air ch wifi detection

    Hello, Could you solve the problem? regards
  17. Hello, good morning, I'm new to the forum, thank you all for your excellent work !!! I have the same problem with my V919 Air, the Wifi signal is very weak. I followed the instructions. Replace the file 43430 ..., the problem I have is that in the path you are commenting (c: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers) file 43430 ... does not exist. Can you help me? Thank you very much
  18. ratman

    USb Boot

    How can I boot to a usb Drive? My OBook 11 plus is stuck on restoring previous version of windows 10 after april 2018 update attempt
  19. can u upload it somewhere we can find it and download it easy? like a torrent?
  20. New reupload: http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/566-v989-air-eight-core-black-gold-edition-16gb_remixos_v105_v3rar/ http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/589-v919-air-v7-brush-tutorial-_for_android-v10-20150911pdf/
  21. I have the same problem, in my tablet don't appear the symbol to swith os!!! And I don't have access to win10!!!! Help please!!!
  22. Hello everyone, I need your wisdom! I have an onda tablet that is locked on the logo. I try to install a firmware, but impossible! I can just put files on the tablets, and go on recovery mode. would not you have a package.zip to install? thank you
  23. Hello everyone, I need your wisdom! I have an onda tablet that is locked on the logo. I try to install a firmware, but impossible! I can just put files on the tablets, and go on recovery mode. would not you have a package.zip to install? thank you
  24. Thanks for your updates.
  25. Thank you so much. I was exactly looking for the solution.
  26. Hi all. My bios has bricked when i installing win 10 on my onda obook10 se. i have tried v5,v4 bios flash him but nothing, pls help
  27. Hello I have a Onda v891W 64GB OI1104 Tablet It was with Windows 8 and Android Then I did an update to Windows 10 and after some Driver updates it worked very well Now I had to reinstall Windows 10 but I cannot find the proper drivers any more. Last time it worked because before it was Windows 8 and so it found the good Drivers Now it is only Windows 10 and I cannot find the right drivers :-( What can I do? I tried this: TOUCHSCREEN_DRIVER_W10 V891w Core4_Win8.1_x86_Drivers V891 DualOS_Drivers_install ONDA Tablet 11-04-2016 4-43-57 Nothing worked!
  28. So I guess the firmware downloads to this tablet are gone forever? And wtf is with using pan.baidu? What's wrong with the 100s of other cloud storages?
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