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  4. Help im install the drivers and this happen
  5. Unfortunately, many robot vacuums do not offer significant improvements in this regard. Their instruction manuals warn you to tidy up beforehand if you don’t want the botvac to get stuck. They often come with additional gizmos (infrared beacons or other navigational aides) to cordon off terminally cluttered areas. But iRobot and the Roomba have been around long enough to know that this is not necessarily a time- or energy-saver. I’ve been running the iRobot Roomba 980 for almost two weeks now and it has kept my house clean with minimal effort on my part. If you’re willing to lay out the cash, this is the best robot vacuum you can get. I can advise these link above!
  6. andruill

    Batteries still available?

    check at actablet.com
  7. andruill

    New Root tool for Android 4.3

    hey, thank you for such a good-working tool ;]
  8. hello I have an error in touch screen and gyroscope, the touch is as marked on the screen marking several points at a time by the screen and the gyroscope does not respond to the drivers, the installation was clean from a usb with windows 10 see. lite, download several touch drivers but all appear to be doing the same problem, someone happened to him and could solve it?
  9. Someone who has the tablet and can make a backup drivers or an image of your windows distribution and upload it would also be ideal
  10. hello I have an error in touch screen and gyroscope, the touch is as marked on the screen marking several points at a time by the screen and the gyroscope does not respond to the drivers, the installation was clean from a usb with windows 10 see. lite, download several touch drivers but all appear to be doing the same problem, someone happened to him and could solve it?

    I need bios onda v919 core m

    Hello friends, I need the bios of the v919 3g core m onda tablet. I was installing the dual boot bios, but I do not know what happened that the tablet was turned off and it does not turn on any more, when I hit the power button it makes the flash light but it does not turn on.
  12. This NVRAM for WiFi fix is working also after win10 /1803 update.Many thanks!!
  13. Earlier
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  16. anthi


    Stupid! you have solved and you dont let others solve the same problem as you iif you dont get something out of it, do you? you should be ashamed of yourself, you wretch!
  17. I want to create playlist of music files which I have already downloaded and can be located in file explorer folder. How do I add these files to the 'Music' application?
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  19. Hi all, i followed a guide to install ubuntu on the v820w it been told to use a "booti32" that mask to be 64bit so it will work with ubuntu. so the system was up for one time but after reboot it didnt work any more, i get a boot error on startup that the os didnt exists, and when im getting into the bios manu i cant enter SCU and Secure Boot Option. and i cant install any other OS from Boot manager or boot from file, i always get an error that it cant run the files. anyone have any idea how to fix it? at the end i want to install android only if it can. ps its V3 version, and i have programming tools to program the bios directly if nessery.
  20. hi please i am triying to root my onda v80 plus after rebooting the tablet i get this message please hel me!!!!!!
  21. Hey hey, i have big problem with my Onda, thanks to this Devil called Windows. Its running Windows 10 , but after 2018 March update to 1708 tablet lost all this features: 1) touchscreen is not functioning 2) battery level bar disappeared 3) rotation not working 4) audio drivers not working its looks like its acting as Desktop computer. i would be very happy if i could fix somehow at least touchscreen, as now its realy complicated to use. i cant rollback windows to preview version, as there past some time already and pc dont let me do that. i try to reinstall windows 10 , does not help, any troubleshoots does not help, any info founded in the forums does not help you are the last my hope.
  22. Can the following 2 files be reuploaded for the v989 tablet: Thanks,
  23. Can someone upload (or provider another location) for the files, which are not anymore available on the google drive? Thanks a million in advance!
  24. Thank you Much Appreciated for all the work! Ron
  25. Hi guys! I buy monoblock Onda C270, thay have processor 3865U, motherboard model - ONDA C3865U V2.00 (0x000003E6 - 0xDBFA9700) But I lack a little performance, otherwise I like everything. Which motherboard is suitable, and which processor can be inserted into it? No one came across? If you need, how it's look, you may see in this video - https://youtu.be/NGj2a5hQf7s I need advice on which motherboard with which processor can suit it in order to increase overall performance.
  26. Any newer or resurrected links for old V975? RobV had a link earlier for 4.42 update, now dead sites.

  27. Go to the firmware folder, open partition tbl and change the last "add" line to number x gigabytes x 2048 Eg add -b 5406760 -s 44040192 -t data -u 80868086-8086-8086-8086-000000000008 -l data -T 0 -P 0 /dev/block/mmcblk0 This 44040192 is a 21gb partition (21x1024X2048) in bytes
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