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      Downloads section server crashed   06/20/2017

          Hi. I got bad news, we have huge crash of disk in downloads server, almost all files are gone, I got some backups on my private computer and I will be reupload all files per request. I decided to make this per request beacouse we make some clerance in download section at this time. So if You need any file or if You want to I add some files please write it in this topic or make file report in download section. Sorry for this. Reagards Krzysiek

v975 Core4_ROM2.0_v1.rar v975 Core4_ROM2.0_v1

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About This File

File Size: 435MB

Update: 2014-04-21


1, the firmware package containing Brush tutorial and Brush tool, use desktop computers Brush;

2, Brush risk, please before Brush carefully read the tutorial;

3, check the version number, see the back of the fuselage SN code ninth and tenth bits;

4, the firmware applies to V975 quad-core V1, V2 version of the model and V979 quad-core models;

What's New in Version v975 Core4_ROM2.0_v1   See changelog


  • Description:
  • 1 Integrated Learning Center Onda
  • 2 dynamic clock icon displayed
  • 3. lock screen and unlock new interface
  • 4. status bar menu-one fell
  • 5. increase and decline in lock screen menu lunar date display
  • 6. increase a key clean-up memory function
  • 7 Increased fast wifi connectivity
  • 8 perfect support OTA a key upgrade function.