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      Downloads section server crashed   06/20/2017

          Hi. I got bad news, we have huge crash of disk in downloads server, almost all files are gone, I got some backups on my private computer and I will be reupload all files per request. I decided to make this per request beacouse we make some clerance in download section at this time. So if You need any file or if You want to I add some files please write it in this topic or make file report in download section. Sorry for this. Reagards Krzysiek
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      Get a free Insta360 Camera   11/26/2017

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V919 Air CH Replace NVrom file .rar

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About This File

Replace NVrom file.rar ( V919 Air CH device )


V919 AIR CH solve the problem of weak wifi signal program

File size:





1, unpack the archive and copy the file to the root directory of C; 
2, run as administrator .cmd batch file copy; 
3, restart the tablet computer.


Baidu : http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c0Ax6KC 


Non-Chinese language tablets - Re-Name “贝文件.cmd  “ file  ( ex: “ Copy files .cmd ” )