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    Quick Start Guide for v975w/v975i with Windows 8.1 So most issues with this device are solved by now, but everything is scattered around the forums. I thought I'd make a little summary topic so that new v975w owners and v975i users switching to Windows can get up to date without having to look all over the pace. 1. Windows and Driver Setup This process is a little different depending on whether you have a v975i or v975w, and depending on where your Windows came from. v975i with Onda's Windows 8.1 with Bing All v975i units require a firmware upgrade before Windows can be installed. Download the copy it to the tablet and install it with the Upgrade app as a local update. v975i V1 units require a hardware modification before this firmware upgrade can be installed. You can check if your tablet is V1 by looking at the serial number on the back of the device. If it contains V1 that means it's a V1 device. (Duh!) See the v975i forum for more details on how to apply the hardware modification. Use the 0730 Windows installation image available from the Downloads section. (Part 1, part 2) Extract to an NTFS formatted USB disk, which should to be titled "WINPE". Connect the USB disk to the tablet and start it to initiate the automatic installation process. If your device won't boot the USB disk, make sure that the partition is marked as "Active" using Disk Management in Windows. Some users have also reported that certain OTG cables aren't working. Preferably you should use a powered USB hub. When installing Onda's Windows image on a v975i device you will not be able to use Onda's license key to activate Windows! You need to figure out on your own how to activate Windows. Note that if you have a Windows 8.1 Pro key you can upgrade the OS with Windows update. v975w with preinstalled Windows 8.1 You should either... ...install Onda's 0730 Windows release (same installation procedure as for v975i), or... ...just install the (recommended) v975i/v975w with standard Windows 8.1/Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit Some users may wish to install their own version of Windows. Essentially you just take a normal Windows installation image and put in on an USB stick like with Onda's Windows. It's not possible to install 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1. This is because the UEFI firmware is 32-bit. It's also not possible to run the firmware in legacy BIOS mode. After you've installed Windows, install the . Finally see on how to get the rotation working. 2. BIOS Upgrade Skip this part if you have a v975i tablet and already flashed the 0725 BIOS. It's also possible to check which firmware version you have by checking the build date in the firmware utility. (Plug in a USB keyboard and press "Delete" while booting.) A BIOS upgrade is necessary to fix a significant problem that affects performance and battery life of your tablet. It is however very simple to perform the upgrade and will only takes a few minutes of your time. To prevent any accidents, make sure your device is plugged in and charging while applying the upgrade. Download the for v975w. After extracting it, open the folder "v975w_Win_Bios-0725". There will be a file with Chinese characters. Right click it and select "Run as administrator". After about a minute the tablet will reboot and you're good to go. 3. Changing Language If Windows came pre-installed or you installed Onda's Windows image you will have to change the system language. Install a language pack by following this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqQsQFabMUk Afterwards, do the following: In desktop mode, open Control Panel and find "Region" (If you haven't already, change "Home Location" under the "Location" panel) Open the "Administrative" panel Change the language for non-Unicode program. This will fix default language for some desktop programs. (Reboot!) Again, open the "Administrative" panel. This time select "Copy Settings". At the bottom of the new window, check the options to copy current setting to welcome screen and new user accounts. Press OK, you're done! (Reboot!) Finally, make sure to fully update your tablet using Windows Update. This will take care of Chinese text remaining in yet another few places. 4. Change SD host driver Unfortunately there is a problem with the Intel SD host controller driver that's used by default. This problem prevents your tablet from entering a proper sleep state, which makes your tablet lose battery in sleep mode. To fix this you can change to a generic SD host controller driver like this: Enter desktop mode and go to Device Manager Expand SD host adapters. then for each of the three entries in the list do the following: Open the device, go to the drivers tab and select update driver Select "Browse my computer" Select "Let me pick from a list..." Pick the driver called "SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller" and install it 5. Adjust minimum RAM allocated to computer graphics The v975i/v975w has 2 gigabytes of RAM, but only 1.5 is available for general usable by default. This is because 512MB is allocated to the Intel HD Graphics. Some users may prefer to decrease this to 256MB so you can use up to 1.75GB for normal programs. This is configured in the firmware utility. Follow this guide. Be aware that most browsers now use hardware graphics to render web pages, so keep that in mind before deciding you don't use any programs requiring high GPU memory. 6. Current problems These are the current known problems with no real fix: Bluetooth disconnects Doesn't work very well at all due to bad driver. Connectivity is lost after about 3 seconds unless an app that maintains the connection is open. Hopefully a driver update will be available in the future. For now, do the following if you're having problems: Open Device Manager Expand Bluetooth Open "Bluetooth Radio" Go to the "Power Management" tab Uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" Undo after you're done using Bluetooth, otherwise you may experience significant battery loss! "System Interrupt" high CPU usage As pointed out by GnatGoSplat there is an issue with system interrupts when "cold booting" the tablet, likely due to an error in the EFI firmware. A temporary fix is to reboot once after booting when the tablet has been completely shut off.
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    hi. I suffered from the problem,too.But it was possible to settle it. This tablets drivers can be downloaded from onda's official site. Go to http://www.onda.cn/Search.aspx?pageIndex=2&#product and plz download Z8300平台平板电脑通用驱动 Even if its installed, touch screen is not work. You should have backed up "SileadTouch.fw" I share it. Please download and put it down "c:\windows\system32\Drivers" and reboot. Sorry my poor English. Good luck SileadTouch.fw
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    Onda tablet Win10- driver package .rar Onda tablet Win10- driver package File size: 64MB Updated: 2015-7-31 Explanation: 1. Onda tablet window8.1 upgrade to window10 driver package. 2, for model V820W dual system, V891 dual system, V891W dual system, V919 AIR dual system, V919 3G AIR dual system, V116W dual system, V101W, V102W, V961.
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    Until I have time to write up a detailed procedure, here is a general overview. it's really not hard to do - it was just hard to figure it all out initially. It was harder to root than Android because RemixOS isn't what they call a "userdebug" build (it's a "production" build) - that and becuase there is no TWRP recovery for the Onda Obook 11 Plus, so I had to keep trying different versions until I found one that worked. The nice thing is that it's easy to restore the device to the factory defaults becuase Onda supplies both RemixOS and Windows - so you can always get back to where you started if you screw something up... Here's the outline of the procedure I used: Pre-requisites: - Intel drivers and adb/fastboot installed and working on PC. - Onda-supplied RemixOS and Windows installation files (I can supply) - Special boot image unpack/repack tools (I can supply) - Latest SuperSU binary package (I can supply) - Working version of TWRP (I can supply) 1. Restore RemixOS from Onda-supplied sources - this will wipe the tablet - both RemixOS and Windows installation (you'll re-install Windows after installed and rooting RemixOS). 2. Boot into RemixOS, setup Google account, update apps and set location settings to Battery Saving (have to set it up right away or else you can't select "Battery Saving" mode later for some reason). 3. Reboot into bootloader mode - adb reboot bootloader 4. Using special unpack/repack tools on PC (I will supply), unpack RemixOS stock boot image (boot.img) and modify the following values in default.prop - this will allow changes to be made to RemixOS /system partition successfully - if this is not done, any changes to /system partition will cause RemixOS not to boot - this step is VERY important: - ro.secure=0 - ro.debuggable=1 - ro.adb.secure=0 5. Repack boot.img and flash - fastboot flash boot boot-new.img 6. Reboot into RemixOS - make sure location services still work properly and copy SuperSU .zip file onto internal storage from PC. 7. Reboot into bootloader and *boot* (not flash) TWRP (Teclast x98 Pro TWRP works!) - adb reboot bootloader - fastboot boot twrp-b1.img 8. Flash latest SuperSU package via TWRP. 9. Reboot into RemixOS and run the Superuser app to make sure all is well - if it asks to update the binary, do NOT allow it (will causes boot hangs) - SuperSU updates can ONLY be flashed - not updated from the Android app! 10. Install Windows using Onda-supplied Windows images and instructions. 11. If you want to use Widgets in RemixOS, you'll need to install the Nova launcher using special instructions (I can supply link). Nove works REALLY well on RemixOS - it's so nice having widgets in RemixOS! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. This will give you a fully-rooted Obook 11 Plus running RemixOS. To fix the brightness issue, you just have to replace a file using ES FIle Explorer (after being rooted). I also have everything you need and even have English translations of the Onda RemixOS/Windows installation guides (they were both in Chinese). I spent a lot of figuring this all out! :-)
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    Hi, I've got some problems when typing on the keyboard, especially on android. It feels a bit unresponsive, sometimes Its very difficult to type on facebook or telegram. Is this all normal or I've got some problems with the tablet?
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    hi is it possível to install android 6 in onda 80 v plus? And how. somebody help. thank you.
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    Could someone please be so kind and upload all drivers for the Onda V80 plus to a dropbox or google drive?
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    Hello I dont know if this was posted before but this is an overview of all necessary drivers: I recommend to download everything with Jdownloader, so you dont have any problems with the chinese webpages: Windows 10 Driver Package: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTtgOl Z8300 Driver-Package: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nvIWLZj Windows 10 Touchpad Driver (after a new installation of windows the touchpad wont work): http://pan.baidu.com/s/1boVousR#list/path=%2F Windows 10 RS1 (this is the Anniversary Edition): http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kVwJcSf#list/path=%2F Windows 10 Threshold 2 (TH2) (older version): http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qYGOLKK Current Android Firmware (deletes Windows 10 if installed): http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pL4JOr5 Firmware Update for Version 1 of v80 Plus http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bHHbmI
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    Onda manufactures various devices sharing the Intel architecture(s) Onda announcements forecast up to 12 Intel tablet / phone devices by end of year. All sharing as few as 2 different Intel board architectures. Many share the same physical board and CPU chipset CPU processors have built in capabilities that permit the CPU to control several additional functions EX: Graphics, HD Audio, WiDi, External Displays, etc. We have initiated this sub-forum as a single location to post, discuss, and share Original Intel Driver updates and update packages. All Intel - All the time Intel drivers are designed for specific chipsets, manufactured by Intel Intel official updates are not " downgraded " to meet any device design limitations. With Intel official updates, expect improvement, not just some type of change Intel branded - Drivers Now can be posted, located and discussed, in a single location EDIT: 04 Oct 2014 PLEASE TAKE NOTE Intel " Official " stance on the " Bay Trail " processor family drivers on Windows 8.1 devices Device manufacturers and Microsoft are responsible for all proper Windows 8.1 drivers for the Intel Bay Trail Processor Family and Chipset device being used. Intel further recommends using only updates and methods provided by these sources for these devices. Layman translation - Intel provided drivers and updates may continue to work well on these devices but ... Intel no longer provides support for the Bay Trail or Bay Trail Turbo family chips and chipsets Since August 2014, Intel has dropped all reference to this chipset architecture in their published updates, read me files. Please remark your device and hardware version when posting .... Results may vary between devices and versions. Intel install procedure is generally identical, dictated by the operating system version. EX: Windows installation or Android installation This separated forum may prove a slight inconvenience to device owners. General device discussion should continue in the proper device forum. this Intel Device Drivers Update forum Device specific non-Intel Drivers or Tools should include specifics and description . EX: Onda v975w BETA wlan drivers - RTLWlanS_WindowsDriver_3007.3.0715.2014 BETA " any info specific to this update " Chip device manufacturer drivers are generally "reference" and capabilities may vary. Chip manufacturer update drivers offer generalized or specific fixes ( non specific device manufacturer ). " Borrowed " Intel device drivers usually are device manufacturer manipulated ( downgraded ), usually are device specific and should be posted with the appropriate devices reference info.. Please note Original manufacturer device and corresponding Onda device ( with hardware version ) and any additional specifics, such as release dates and special notes or recommendations
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    Version 1.0.0


    Drivers obtained from onda china in 10 november 2015 for windows 10 64bit
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    Hello, I wanted to know where we could find the official firmware for v820w onda? As well as updates if any? thank you in advance