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    Had the same problem with V989 Air. Disabled Google Play Services and most things then work OK with occasional warning notifications. Downloaded and installed apks from mirror sites. Where google apps played up (most don't), I installed alternatives. Will occasionally try updates to services on the assumption the issue gets fixed in the future.
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    Hello to everyone, Same problem over here, I test everything, Yesterday I call to Google Services and Put a reclamation, report... EN ESPAÑOL... Im in Spain. Search the number from your Country Is better if all call to this GoogleGuys and place our report !! Together We Can.. Regards
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    Can you all try going to Settings, then click on Apps, then in the top right hand corner click the 3 dots for a drop down menu with: "reset application preferences". If you can't get that far try disabling the WiFi first, then enable WiFi after resetting application preferences. I had some luck with this and it let me install some apps off the Play Store.
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    I noticed the problem first when I tried to sign onto google play - it just froze. So I carried on and soon found it would freeze when turning on wifi. I believe it's google trying to 'call home' as soon as wifi connects and is causing the same freeze. Try going into Apps and disable the Google play store and Google services. Reboot and see it wifi connects.
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    Version Reupload


    V820W_DUALOS_v3_20151020_ Windows10 2 Parts V820W dual system window10 system image (for V1, V3 version) File size: 5.47GB Updated: 2015-10-20 Explanation: 1, V820W dual system window10 system multi-language mirror Notes: 1. This directory contains system installed under the tutorial, follow the tutorial operations. 2. The image is a file package, full download. V820W_DUALOS_v3.part1.rar V820W_DUALOS_v3.part2.rar Baidu : http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c0fnJTQ Clicking the Green up arrow button on any post, grants +1 REP to poster ... " Thanks for the post " ...
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    hola rescuegamer gracias a tu review de la onda v820w en tu canal (por cierto gran canal) la he comprado pero al momento de tratar de borrar android creo que al reinstalar el windows el tactil me queda mal instalado al presionar en la pantalla es como si estuviera corrido hacia un lado donde uno lo preciona como 1 centímetro podrías hacer un vídeo o otro tutorial acerca de como instalar el driver del touch y el acelerometro tambpoco me voltea la pantalla =( perdona si pido mucho de ti gracias
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    Hello, I can't install properly the touch drivers, i tried for 1 month !!! My version is V1... I connect windows 10 as a normal user and i run install.bat as an admin. Here is the result : Start install SileadTouchDriver... ... devcon.exe failed "Install SileadTouch Drivers Failed" Thanks to RescueGamer - JimH - h3ctor Sorry for my bad english...
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    Original release v820w ( Single OS ) Windows device - Win 8.1 installation tutorial Google - English translated pdf Win8.1 system installation tutorial _i V820w - 20141210