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    Hello, I just managed to install Windows 10 without Android to V820w and still got more than 12gb of free space on C:\ With this guide you can install fresh Windows 8.1 with Bing to Onda V820w tablet without Android installation. This way there is a lot more space available. Requirements: Thanks to all images goes to fjperezj Steps: 1) Remove all partitions except EFI (first), Recovery(second) and Windows partitions using Windows Drive manager (right click My Computer -> manage). 2) Now you should have only those three and some unallocated space. You can merge all those to one partition, if you like. 3) Now we create bootable USB with Windows 8.1 in it. I used this tutorial myself: Download these two files (Shouldn't matter that it is for V1 because we have no Android. I had V3 and everything works) ---> ---> 4) After files are downloaded, extract all the files to a local folder on your PC (C:\temp\tablet for example) 6) Plug in a USB stick that has 4 gb of space5) Navigate to that folder (C:\temp\tablet for example) 7) Open UltraISO_v9.5.2.2836.exe. Now a chinese program will open. Next steps will be guided in pdf file that I linked earlier. So open it too! ( 8) Open a file with it that was in archive called "Win8.1_x32_PE.iso" using open icon 9) After it is opened, click 3rd menu on top and select 4th option. Check pdf for guide! 10) Select your memory stick and check the left checkbox (there are two) Check pdf for guide! 11) Press 2th button on bottom from left corner. Check pdf for guide! 12) After formatting is done close the UltraISO. Now the usb stick has 212 mb FAT partition for booting and the rest is NTFS for big files 13) Format the usb stick from My Computer to NTFS. NOW THE IMPORTANT PART: Name the stick by "U-WINPE". 14) Copy almost all files from .rar archives to usb stick: Windows installation 15) Plug in USB hub to Onda tablet -> plug USB stick and keyboard to it 16) Start tablet and press ESC -> Bios will open 17) Select Boot Manager and there you should see your USB device. Select it and press Enter! If there is no USB device (only Windows, Android and Efi) check the name of the usb stick. THE NAME HAS TO BE CORRECT. 18) Now windows installation will open and you should see some command prompts that will format, copy, mount and install some files. It will take some time. The real windows Installation should start after all command prompt windows. -----------------------------------------------------If everything went OK, skip this part--------------------------------------------------------------------------If command prompt fails to continue to installation and you get something like this: 1) Find out what is the drive letter of your usb stick. In that picture you can see that U-WINPE has letter D. 2) Set command prompt variable WinPESource to that drive using command (remember to change D to your letter). Check the picture! 3) Now that path should be OK. Launch Main.cmd by writing the next command and hit ENTER. (remember to change D to your letter) 4) Now the installation should continue. If not, please post and ask for help! -----------------------------------------------------Guide continues---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19) Now you are in the (chinese) windows installation. Use Google Translate app on phone to find out what each text means. You can use it by selecting to translate from china -> english and take pictures from menus and dropdown lists and so on. 20) After the Windows is installed change language to english and install all updates. After that Windows 10 banner will be shown and you can install it. Everything works now for me! Windows 10 install went smoothly and no errors and no driver problems. If you get driver problems: Download correct drivers for you tablet version from downloads page: V1) V2) Will be added here.. V3) 21) Remove "Windows.old" folder from C:\ if you have taken all the old files. This way you can get more space! It is the old installation backed up for safety. Hope it helps somebody!
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    Hello, The following is a guide on how to remove windows completely from the Onda V80 Plus. [I am in no way responsible for your device, so proceed at own risk] 1. Download the Onda V80 plus android firmware. Make sure that you download the correct version for your tablet, V1 or V3 Official links: Unofficial link: (for V1) V80 PLUS中性固件(適用於V1版本8GB) 558.6M Unofficial link: (for V3) [provided by @kandit] 3. Replace the "gpt.bin" on the USB drive, with the attached file on this post2. Extract the files onto a USB drive (Instructions can be find inside the zip file) 4. Connect a USB hub and connect the USB drive and also a keyboard, then boot into the BIOS by clicking ESC when starting your device 5. Choose your USB drive as startup method and let it do its job That's it. You should now have a full 32gb version of android on your Onda V80 Plus Enjoy! gpt.bin
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    Hi, you have to copy this file to c:\windows\system32\drivers. when copy, replace existent and reboot the tablet, then the problem will be solved. I have the same problem every time that windows updates.... I have this file in the sd card and a .bat file that copy and replaces every time that reboots the system. 43430r0nvram.txt
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    Since I didn't found any decent guide in english to properly factory reset the device I decided to make one, after a few tests I'm here to explain how to REALLY factory reset this tablet. Preface: I don't take responsibility for any bricked tablet, problems for following my guide Check your V. version of your tablet! Mine is V.3 Requirements: You will need an OTG hub, keyboard, and a flash storage drive. WARNING: I wouldn't suggest you to mess with the partitions by deleting or resizing it with a thirdy party software, since I don't know if the stock firmware script doesn't like that, let me know if this method fixed your partitions to full factory state if you previously changed it! I'm curious. There also two separate partitions hidden from windows I found in Linux, I think they are releated to the DualOS function, just don't touch them! Don't touch/delete anything BIOS releated since you may probably brick the tablet Download links: Official ONDA ROM list: (The latest one are on the bottom of the page) To download faster without problems from baidu I suggest you using a good download manager, or a link exporter Re-Uploaded files made by me (Tested, mantained by me) : W10 Processor, Chipset, Wifi/BT drivers: Those drivers are needed if you are installing windows 10 manually, however, I won't explain how to do that since you will void your warranty and it isn't the purpose of theguide. W10 Touch drivers: W10 July update (outdated): Part 1: Part 2: W10 Anniversary update: Part 1: Part 2: Android: Re-Uploaded files made by others: (A bit outdated, not tested) Introduction: To factory reset the tablet you MUST flash Android before everything! That's because the android install will overwrite the current Windows partition. Make sure your tablet is fully charged WARNING: Since this is a Dual OS tablet (Different from Dual Boot, check google) it has two BIOSes mode, because we're going to flash Android, we need to change the BIOS mode to Android, by simply booting it from the DualOS Menu, or by clicking the button from windows. More detailed steps to change from the bios down there. Android flashing: USB preparation: We need to create an USB disk or a tf card with the android files you downloaded on it, and booting them from the tablet Download the Android zip you want to install Unzip it Plug an USB drive, you can also use a tf card with enough space Open your windows command prompt as adminstrator Type 'diskpart' Locate your USB drive by typing 'list disk' 'sel disk x' where x is the number of your drive 'clean' 'create partition primary' 'format fs=fat32 quick' Now close the prompt, and go renaiming the drive from windows explorer to "android" Now copy EVERYTHING to the disk Installing: Once you're done, you're ready to install android. Make sure you were on Android before shutting down, plug the otg hub to your tablet, plug your keyboard and the usb drive (or the tf card) Power on the tablet, and press 'ESC' on your keyboard, you should have booted on the bios Go on "Boot Manager" Select your flash drive and click enter Wait, the script will restore everything, the tablet will reboot automatically If somewhere you got stuck at "flashing", try pressing enter from the keyboard. If you got errors, you probably have problems with the storage. Now you're done! Windows flashing: USB preparation: You will need an huge USB drive, minimum 16GB and you can't use a tf card there since windows doesn't detect them unless you have an USB adatper! We must firstly flash the win10PE_xxx_x64.iso to the usb. Once you downloaded the files and unzipped them, install ultraiso from the official site (or try the pirate way) but we must use the ultraiso executable included into the firmware Try to copy the executable on the UltraISO folder on C:\Program files, the program will be in chinese, don't worry about that Open the win10PE iso with Ultraiso Plug your usb drive and go there Be ready to flash the usb drive with those options Open the Windows disk management tool (You can by right clicking the windows bottom left logo and click 'Disk Management') If everything went smoothly you should be in this situation, you've created the EFI partition of the installer. Now, you just need to format the other partition (not the first one) with the label 'WINPE' and using an NTFS file system Like before, copy everything on that partition Installing: We're done with the usb. Now like we did before, boot the disk you've just created. The installer will do everything automatically. Remember to change the bios into windows mode before doing that or you will get BSOD The installer should take place for 25-30 minutes depending on your drive. Now you're done. Your tablet is full factory resetted. If you are stuck on the ONDA logo, try to power down the tablet by pressing the power button for 8 seconds and booting windows from the bios You may need to install additional drivers by using the external keyboard and mouse I tried the older WIndows version and I didn't installed anything since everything was working correctly, I don't know if I did something wrong but trying the latest Windows firmware(Anniversary update), I had to install the touch drivers manually Tips: Changing the BIOS into Windows mode: If you are unable to access the Windows mode, here is another way to enable it through the BIOS. Press ESC when you power on the tablet Go to 'Setup Utility' Go to 'Boot configuration' GMIN: Android / Windows 8.X: Windows If you're going to install Windows, choose windows 8.X, press esc save, and reboot! If somewhere on the process you got stuck, press the power button for 8 seconds and re-try. This guide is a work in progress, help me to improve the guide!
  5. 1 point Backup drivers V3, with Windows 10 right out of the "box"
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    Hello guys, this is a guide (showing how to root and install TWRP for Onda V80 Plus) I found out on a Russian forum. I managed to root my Onda device with Android only, however, I am NOT an expert user to point out any technical errors (if available). That's why, TAKE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I'm not responsible for any brick or other serious problems . Special thanks to for a great guide . 2017-04-10: DO NOT TRY TO RESTORE STOCK ROM/CUSTOM ROM IN TWRP. For some certain reasons whenever I try to restore stock rom in TWRP, the tablet bricks. Yes, it bricks and sometimes boot loop. However, do not worry too much, in case of brick, you can re-flash the stock rom following this guide. Preparation: 1. On your PC: download this file | mirror and extract it somewhere (Desktop is recommended, try to avoid long paths). 2. On your tablet: Settings >> Developer Options >> Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging. If Developer mode isn't available, open About Tablet and tap Build number several times (maybe 5 or 7) until you see the notification. 3. Connect the tablet to your PC, install two drivers in folder drivers. Installation: 1. Run start.bat (without administrative privileges), enter 81 to check whether the tablet could receive commands from your PC or not (if you see serial numbers, do the next steps). 2. Enter 1: The tablet will reboot in to fastboot to install some drivers. After unlocking the bootloader, it will reboot into Android. REMEMBER that this step will wipe out all your internal data. 3. Enter 2: On the internal memory will be copied _V80PLUS folder and its contents. 4. Enter 3: The tablet will reboot into temp TWRP recovery. Further actions are done in it. 5. In TWRP recovery mode, move the slider very very slowly to unlock your tablet (take it easy when doing this ). Then, make a backup of existing partitions (just in case), find and install, after reboot, install Now you can reboot into your tablet. If everything goes well, your Onda device has been rooted. Now you can install any apps requiring root access. Good luck!!! P/S: I am neither an English native speaker nor an IT expert, so some of the technical terminology confused me so much. Forgive me if you find anything difficult to understand ^^. Some images from my Onda V80 Plus:
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    Nope, try again with a REAL wired keyboard, plug it via USB OTG and I can make sure that you can boot into BIOS promptly.
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    I already have many android devices, so I just need windows tablet I follow this guy tutor Without his backup bla...bla.... Now I have total 27.75 gb drive c:
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    You mean you cannot boot into BIOS? Omg, my tab bricked three times until now and this method always worked @@. Did you use a wired keyboard along with usb otg? It must be a wired/pluggable keyboard, not bluetooth or any other wireless ones.
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    Nope, you should turn off your tab and then turn on. When the screen's on but Onda logo doesn't still appear, press ESC continuously until you see the BIOS. Good luck!
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    I'm really sorry for what happened to your tab. Actually, when I rooted my tab, it was running Android only and I have no idea of any risk arising if someone roots dual os devices. I personally think it only removed Windows OS from boot list in BIOS, maybe your Windows partition is still safe. You may use a wired keyboard to boot into BIOS and try to add boot manually there. Read this for further reference. Good luck!
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    Pasqual Top of page " Downloads " will take you to downloads files server select category, select file .. "download this file " check v975w AND Intel categories ? sub-category ? REMINDER ... New members are limited to 1 file per day download. Standard questions ... Onda version Installation files ? Correct s/n device model assembly version files ( "V2" ) ? Following Onda installation instructions ? btw ... extracted backup copy of drivers for this device model version. Good Luck
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    Hi guys im new here. I found this before i flash the last update from the Onda website. Is really a problem download from baidu. So here is the last update version for the V1/V3 from Onda this is the last version works whyt V1 and V3. Now just down this version and replace the gpi.bin and done!
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    Hi i send you wifi driver in your mail ..... can you send me now touch screen driver? Best regards, Paolo.
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    Any live boot tutorial will help you. Basically, create a bootable USB device, reboot selecting the USB device and you should be able to boot. Ubuntu boots, but most of the devices are unrecognised. Nobody has any idea how to get some of the devices working (you know, the original topic of the post!!!)?
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    V116W CORE M BIOS V10.12 File Size: 14MB Updated: 2015-05-05 Explanation: Improve power management features. Update Methods: 1.U disk formatted FAT32, extract the files after copying U disk boot stop 2. Press F7 key to select to boot from the U disk will automatically update the BIOS 3.U disk, time will be longer , then be careful not to do anything, not power off The update is complete after entering SHELL prompt, enter RESET to restart the computer after 5. Restart, kept short press DEL key to enter BIOS - BOOT, select the startup disk to local Disk Note: The upgrade process can not shut down, power off, connect the charger to operate.
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    v975M SD Card Maker
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    There are two buttons "On" and above this "Volume Down" next to one another. Press both during boot, and you get "Boot options". The USB you use for Unetbootin has to be formatter to "MBR" format with MS FAT file system. Min4Win is a tool that mucks around with the boot loader and will get the boot option up - but the but disk is of course not supplied with a "Signature" file so the boot of Mint aborts.I do not have time, but will try to replace the Onda boot with "Refind" from - I have used this on Mac and it looks very similar. also has a tool for "MBR recovery". This is to modify the first 1GB on the disk, the EFI bootloader. This is an integral security mechanism, intended to make it impossible to change the OS between boots, and errors here will "brick " the device.
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    I upgrade my firmware to my Onda dual Os V820w (v5) 4.4.4 android + win10 (32bits) After the upgrade, my acceleromater (g-sensor) dont not works, no auto-screen rotation...ever Please, help me... How to fix this problem ? Thanks