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    NEWS: 29-02-2015 For the V919 3G Air 64GB - V6 See back of Tablet Serial Number 9th 10th Number. No DNX Mode? Android Flashing Sorted..It took me a little while to sust how to flash the V6 Tablet. WARNING THIS WILL DELETE WINDOWS. You can use a Usb-HD Drive.;-) Steps as Follows: 1:-Make sure you format your USB/HDD to FAT32 Primary/Active and Named "ANDROID". "Important", make sure its a "Primary/Active Partition" or it will not be recognized when trying to flash. 2:-Put all of the Andrews Files onto your USB Stick. IF you want a ANDROID ONLY Tablet then put the Following onto USB stick. "flash_MFT_v2_chiphd_v2.0_NOpartition.xml" Or If you want to specify your own partition size (1GB-10GB) then Put the Following onto USB Stick: "flash_MFT_v2_chiphd_v2.0.xml" and "Partition.tbl" SEE NOTE 2. 3:-Start Tablet and press F7. Select "UEFI:Built-In EFI Shell" and press Ok. This will start the Flashing of your Android Files on the USB Stick. Be Patient it can take some time to finish. Thats it. Done..SEE NOTE 1. NOTES: 1:-I have found that Flashing and getting into Driodboot can be Hit and Miss to Flash the Dam thing lol. Sometimes the USB stick gets corrupted??? I have seen this when checking the USB Stick on Windows. Just delete the files on the USB stick and start putting the files back again. 2:-You can have your own partition size 1-10GB which are inc in the Andrews Roms. Just replace the partition.tbl in the Andrews Rom Package. You can go to Droidboot only, if you want to recover your tablet with TeamWin/CWM GUI. Just Delete the "installer.cmd, and the xml file " Its a Dirty Work Around lol..But its handy if you cannot get into recovery. I am working on something hmmm... Its easy to put Windows 10 back on. Just make sure the USB/HDD Partition is NTFS Primary/Active Partition. Named WINPE. Use Partition Wizard. EASY ROOT METHOD (Any Intel/Android Model) EASY FLASHMODE RECOVERY Onda V919 V5.V6.v7 3G As Promised for V6 Owners/All Models. Missing Play Store and "Exchange Services" Crash? Also no DNX Mode (TBA) for Flashtool? I have created a custom Flash for the Onda system.img file. A very Easy Method to follow. It should not break the Windows Partition..These Instructions and Roms are for the V919 3G V5 and especially V6 (No DNX MODE) Option:If you just want to Root and backup Your Intel/Android Tablet (Any Model) then read. It a very Easy ROOT Method from XDA Forums.. Option:If you just want to reboot into recovery only, then download the Reboot apk and install onto your Rooted tablet. Option: You can just search for "Google Play store" and "Exchange Services" Here and install, if you do not want to use this method. OK, Lets get started. Tools: 1:-Download the Pack and then unpack the Complete Package and Put the SuperSU.zip onto your SDcard.. Download Rar Here 7zip Here 2:-Download your Official Onda V919 3G Air package with the system.img ROM for v5 .Here 3:-Download Reboot Apk and Select "Reboot Bootloader". This will take you into DRIODBOOT. A handy tool. Download Here 4:-You Need a OTG Cable and a Mouse (Very Cheap Ebay) 5:-Don`t Forget to put SuperSU.zip onto your SDcard for the Simple Root Method.. 6:-Maybe needed: Play Store Fixes Here BACKING UP YOUR TABLET WITHOUT OTG Cable and Mouse. NO ROOT NEEDED 1:-Install ADB Drivers, and follow the Install Instructions.Reboot and Check everything installed with the ADB Driver App. 2:-Connect the usb cable again to your Computer and when it appears on your tablet "Allow USB Debugging and Tick the Box". 3:-Run LAUNCHER.bat From -IntelAndroid-FBRL-07-24-2015 Folder and Type ACCEPT, then Choose Num 5 CWM, then T3. (NO OTG Cable Needed) 4:-Keep USB Cable Connected. Once in CWP select Backup and Restore. Backup to External Sdcard. once finished, Reboot. Away you go, Below. ROOT FOR ONDA Intel/Andriod Models. Download Package Above: 1:-Unpack your Tablet or Purchased tablet and connect it to the USB Port on your Windows Computer. 2:-Install ADB Drivers and follow the Install Instructions (Win7/8/10). Reboot and Check everything installed with the ADB App. Now Disconnect Usb Cable. 3:-In Developer Options, Allow USB Debugging. If this option is not available, go to About Tablet and Tap Build Number 8 Times. 4:-Connect the usb cable again to your Computer and when it appears on your tablet Allow USB Debugging and Tick the Box. 5:-Now its time Root our device. Run Launcher.bat from IntelAndroid-FBRL-07-24-2015 Folder, (Inc in the Package) 6:-Type in ACCEPT (Capital Letters) and Select Num:4, then Type In T3. This will Reboot our Tablet. 7:-Keep it connected until Team Win Menu Appears (Important). Now unplug usb cable and connect your OTG cable and Mouse. 8:-Slide button and Allow modifications (Needed To install/Backup/restore Roms). 9:-In the Main Menu Select Install, Select your Sdcard and install SuperSU.Zip ROOT DONE. Return To Main Menu and Reboot..See Below **(2)** Download Reboot Apk for tablet Reboot and DROIDBOOT Recovery. Optional. Comes in Handy. Instructions For Flashing Onda Android Firmware only: !!!BACKUP YOUR CURRENT ROM FIRST TO SDCARD. Above.!!! CUSTOM ROMS/OFFICIAL ROMS INSTALL. Tools are included in the Package Above. This method should not break the Windows Partition. Time To put Your Roms on V5, V6 V7 Models. I have downloaded Ondas V5, V7-Andrews Roms and Pogo dancer Rom (Easy To Get now) Plus others. and they have worked Perfectly on the V6 Thanks to RobV, Especially Blandroid:) for support. This is a easy method to Flash the Onda Android system.img rather than the Dam FLASHTOOL by Intel. (NO DNX MODE) !!Warning!! If you forget to put the system image in, it will not FLASH and erase your Tablet. Also, Check Your Android Version before downloading and Installing.. (In Settings About Tablet ie: Firmware Version V1.0.5_v5) The Flash Will Do Either 1:-DIRTY INSTALL "Factory Reset" needed. Or 2:-CLEAN INSTALL", All User Data Erased and 3:-EXIT.. 1:-Download the Rom needed and Put the ONDA Android Firmware called system.img into Pacmans Firmware Folder. 2:-Install ADB Drivers and reboot. Check They are Installed Ok, by Running App Again with Tablet Connected to USB. 3:-Connect the usb cable again to your Computer and when it appears on your tablet Allow USB Debugging and Tick the Box. 3:-With Tablet Connected to USB. "Run the Flash "Press Me Twice.bat" and follow my Instructions, and make your Choice.. 1.2.3 4:-Once finished and rebooted, go to Settings and do a FACTORY RESET if its a 1:-Dirty Install. There are PLENTY of Version V7 and V6 Roms out there, Inc POGOS!!.. Do a Google Search or XNA Forums.. I will upload and host a few later...TBA ****OPTIONS FROM ABOVE. SELECTION **9 ** **(1)** You Can do a Advanced Wipe if you want, But only if you know !!!"WHAT YOU ARE DOING"!!! "You've Been Warned" **(2)** You can now backup your Tablet with the Tethered Team Win. But you must use Usb Cable and LAUNCHER.BAT Each Time and use OTG Cable/Mouse for GUI..Or Use CWM Method Above. No OTG Cable Needed.. I have Included all the Instructions in the Zip Package. I Am sure this will work for all V919 3G and other Intel/Android. It only uses the system.img file from Ondas Firmware/Package Downloads. Check Your Firmware Version First, In About Tablet..IE: Firmware Version V1.0.5_v5 I have tried the V919 REmixOS Rom on V6 tablet? "Needs a FACTORY RESET"..Very Nice Display. I shall try and keep the Zippyshare links alive? Shall check them every Week. If i have missed anything or left out something I shall keep it updated. THANK YOU:-RobV, and Blandroid. XDA-Forums Also MRMOO-Ebay Seller. If You Like Please Click The UP ARROW below. Keeps me sane lol.. ""See MY New Tutorial.. Do your Own Rom Without Chinese Apps HERE Regards Pacman
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    Here the link http://www69.zippyshare.com/v/12Hq2haB/file.html I think these drivers were originally downloaded from this Onda Forum (I have a still non solved problem booting my V820W V7 in Windows 10, so this is why I collect some drivers) Inside there are some instructions, in Spanish in the .doc in Spanish it's said that touch driver should be installed not through device manager, but through install.bat (you can always verify .bat files renaming them to .txt) good luck
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    V975i_AndroidOS.rar Android O/S BIOS Tools Chinese tutorial
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    Win 8.1 To Android Flash Eng Tutorial.docx Google Translation with pictures Android BIOS Flash Tools, Tutorial v819i - v975i devices