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    Ok I was able to get drivers installed. I used v919 3G Air DualOS_Win8.1_x86_Drivers. I had previously installed these but it didn't work the first time, I think because I didn't run with Signed Driver Enforcement disabled. I will also upload the drivers to my Mega account and leave them there for anyone to download. 1) Fresh install Windows 10 using mouse and keyboard. 2) Updated to Windows 10 Creators Edition. 3) Unzipped/Copied over v919 3G Air DualOS_Win8.1_x86_Drivers to tablet desktop. 4) Search and open Recovery Options>Advanced startup Restart Now. Now tablet will reboot and now select Troubleshoot> Advanced options>Startup Settings>Restart and press (F7) to disable driver signature enforcement. 5) Now open the v919 3G Air DualOS_Win8.1_x86_Drivers folder and right click on [Power]install_all.bat and select Run as Administrator. 6) Let the drivers install, you have to watch and allow some drivers to install them. When Complete press any button to continue and then restart your tablet. 7) Done your tablet touch screen should now work. Note: I also read to install these drivers first and then install Onda_tablet_Win10-_driver_package_, but since my tablet is working with just the Win8.1 drivers I think the Win10 drivers are not necessary. I will also attach the Win10 drivers for anyone interested. Mega Links: v919 3G Air DualOS_Win8.1_x86_Drivers.zip Onda_tablet_Win10-_driver_package_.rar
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    I saved drivers from my Obook10 V5 Use doubledriver to restore https://app.box.com/s/50gg0jdzh5wbddoednxchzpa6rs1jcn3