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  1. Stane's ROMs Mirror

    Thanks a lot !!!!
  2. I have upgraded also my ONDA, but my cámara Works well
  3. What version of Rozak you recomended me?. I have version V1 of ONDA I can't understand how you can see de facebook videos Indeed, sometimes it's works, but most often starts the video but stops immediatly
  4. Cyphper's Rom. With Stane lollipop I can see videos in Facebook and Instagram, but not sound in Instagram, Facebook OK
  5. Here with the same video problems. Its very annoying
  6. I go crazy with v116w DualOS

    No, I don't have drivers because I haven't installed Windows 8.1
  7. I go crazy with v116w DualOS

    I have dualOS with win.8.1 original with spanish language
  8. I go crazy with v116w DualOS

    Where find you this pack? I don't find it
  9. I go crazy with v116w DualOS

    The files in this topic solved the touch problem
  10. Insert sim / 3G not working

    You can ask in this topic
  11. SileadTouch.fw

    Thanks mate for the information. One question, ¿you lost your android partition when did the fresh install?
  12. SileadTouch.fw

    Hello How you have updated to win10, through a clean install or through the update?. Thanks
  13. SileadTouch.fw

    Hello Attach the file SileadTouch.sys
  14. SileadTouch.fw

    Hello. Here you are the file that you need SileadTouch.fw