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    Please help me :'(

    Hi all im having problem with my v820w v1. It was ok last week, yesterday i turn it on it got stuck on ONDA logo with black screen and theres chinese wording which i dont understand. it seem like boot loop. I did try to find the firmware for my ver , so i can flash it back to normal. But i fail as most of it has error or no longer alive. I need to used it for my work and now im really stress trying to find the firmware for it. Hope theres someone that will be able to help me with working links to download the firmware that i need for my ver Sorry for my bad english.
  2. Hi all anyone has the firmware to flash my ONDA v820w v1 win8.1 its a single boot OS tablet. Last week i have no problem, but yesterday when i try to turn it on, it got stuck on ONDA bootup logo ( It seem like boot loop) I did try to google but cant find any working links for my frimware ver. Please help me as i need it to use it for my work, hope theres someone around able to help me. Thanks