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  1. RizboOnda

    Screen recording?

    Hello everyone. I am a new owner of onda tablet v975i. Does anyone know how to do screen recording? I rooted the device and downloaded SCR pro and screencast, but this app doesn t work. Is there any kind of trick on how to do screen recording, like the one with screen shoots?
  2. How can i use screen recorder? I can t see this option anywhere. I have a onda v975i
  3. RizboOnda

    V975i rooted

    Rooted! Thanks a lot.
  4. RizboOnda

    V975i rooted

    I don t underestand how to root that tablet. I tried many methods that i saw on youtube, but any isn t working for me. If anyone can post few pictures on how to do it. It would be great. I tryed what you guys did without results. Certainly i missed something.