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  1. Thank you Jackie for sharing with us the latest status of this issue!!! I also confirm my tablet came back to life!!!! As for your PB issue I also had the same "characters" in apps tab or storage tab..?I experienced that when I had the onda Z ROM which was not the same version with my tablet...I don't know if this was a compatibility issue but when I installed the official ROM it returned to Megabytes (MB ) mode ?
  2. Reply to all: 1) I did tried to go to settings/apps/reset all preferences .. again no luck 2) By disabling Google services and Google play store and downloading apps from apkmirror does NOT solve the problem...because the apps i use need Google play services in order to work ...I m getting very disappointed to this issue as what I can understand from reading in other forums (unfortunately ?) Google may NOT fix this because it s an old OS and might not support it anymore ....I was forced to buy a new tablet ?
  3. To me , it didn't start freezing after factory reset ...it just happened..on May 28th in the morning ..I had my tablet factory reset because I thought that would fix the problem ...but it still occurs...I also tried installing different rom even different versions but the problem still existed ...the irony is that I also have a onda v989(not the air version) which may have different CPU (a80vs a83) but in apps tab I see they have the same Google play store version(306)but no freezing on onda v989...only with v989 ait I have thus problem... I have tried to install even previous versions of play store from apkmirror (before trying to log into my account) and when the app is installed the tablet freezes again before I try to link my account with the tablet..very frustrating...
  4. I m having issues with my tablet (ONDA V989 Air)...On May 28th i experienced this issue for the first time and since then my tablet is like a brick....Here is my problem... I logged into a game that i play (castle clash) on May 28th and as i was playing a message appeared "Google play services has stopped working and forced the game to close ...After 20-30 seconds the tablet freezes and the only way to recover is to force shutdown (press power button for 5 secs ) but again when the tablet reboots after some secs it freezes again ... I did a factory reset to the tablet and since then when i try to enter my google account sometimes i got fail to sign in and sometimes i manage to sign in but when google play and play services are getting updated the tablet freezes again....I believe it is not a rom issue as i have the official rom in the tablet and have been using it for 3+ years and everything was working good.... This problem occurred last week and i don't know what is causing it.. Model No : V989 Air Core8 F/w version : v2.0.1_v5 Build No : octopus_chip-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q 20160118 test-keys