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  1. Thanks, I will try some packages from downloads. I hope internal memory is not dead.
  2. Hello, I have issue with my Onda v975w V2. When I turn it on, it shows the following mesage: EFI shell version 2.31 [5.8] current running mode 1.1.2 map:cannot find required map name. However I am able to boot it to BIOS or USB. When I try to install windows, it shows, that there is no any drivers (nowhere to install windows) and asks to get storage drivers and lets to choose from external memories to load drivers. I have no such drivers and I dont know where to get them. Also, I dont know if they would work, because internal memory might be dead. In the picture I can see my windows usb (disk C), another usb and memory card (disk D and E) and Boot (disk X). Does this mean that my tablet is dead (or needed hardware fixing) or this can be solved with software methods? Here is what I seen when trying to install windows:
  3. I have this tablet for a few months now. Recently I noticed, that there was charging animation even the the tablet was disconnected thom the external power source. Then it suddenly turned off itself, but I was able to turn it on and the battery icon was back to normal. After using it lightely, I put it to sleep. After few days I checked it, but didnt managed to turn it on. I tought it maybe dischaerged. After charging it fore some time, I couldnt boot it. Week later, after reading about similar problems with other tablets, I tired jumpstarting the battery with direct charging. This let me too boot the tablet since battery was about 10%. However when the tablet booted, charging didnt helped, percentage was about the same after like 1h of charging and tablet was very how and the charger as well. and when I tried my pnoe charger, which's less than 1A, the battery slowly discharged. This continues for about a week, since I was searching for variuos methos to revive my tablet. After thhe battery was about 10%, I disconnected it from the motherboard to see if my battery is bad or not, and it seems to be ok, as it did not discarged completely after few days. So the problem is, the tablet is basically not charging: battery basically keeps cold or heat lightly, and the motherboar heats up enourmously. IDK allot about this, but seems like the motherboard or something is leaking power, like short circuit and stuff.. Does anyone have any advice what to do next?