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  1. The wifi on my tab works the same way as yours.If i am close to the router like 5 meters everything goes faster than light,the max range is almost 10 meters.If i go any further the tab is no longer able to connect to the router even if it shows 3-4 lines of signal.When i choose connect,it tries to connect for a second and then shows "saved".Very strange thing,my LG Gpad is able to connect to the same router even if i go 50 meters away.Rozak 2.0.1 is my rom.
  2. LouCi4er

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    You gave him a good advice,he must buy a Cube Talk 9X with all these childish charging problems.The v975m might have some minor(for me at least) bugs but it's build quality is acceptable for a 2013-2014 tablet.If you ever had a Cube tablet in your hands,you would knew what i mean.I am not say that the Cube is a bad tablet but it is not what some people think it is.
  3. When you have it charging,try this.Hit the power button to bring the display in life and wait,if nothing happens try again after a couple of seconds.Repeat the proccedure 5 or 6 times and i am sure the display will turn on.My v975m do this sometimes and when i try this,it always wake and no need to force shut down it.
  4. LouCi4er

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Similar behavior on my tablet.When it fully charges and disconnect it from the charger,it drops from 100% to 88% in 1 hour,maybe less.Then from 88% to 30% it drops ~2-3% every 5 hours.From 30% to 5% the battery don't want to discharge.I mean it drain hardly 1% every 10 hours on sleep.Go figure.I noticed this behavior on Kit Kat rom,on Jelly Bean it was ok. Forgot to say,i am on Rozak 2.0.1 with pure performances X,dsbs,another script to force the cpu on deep sleep and deleted the telephone services.
  5. LouCi4er

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    You shouldn't release anything.I think we should be more than greatful for the great job you already do.I just have one question.I have a 16GB V3 with Rozak's 2.0.1 and TWRP.I really want to try your rom but i am a bit afraid because i am missing the sdcard slot so if something go wrong,i won't be able to revive my tablet.If i decide to install the rom,how should i procced with safe?
  6. LouCi4er

    won't wake up

    Exhact thing happens to my v975m,not often but it happens.What i am doing is this,press the button nothing happens,i wait for a couple of seconds,the press it again wait for couple seconds.I do this 4 or 5 times and it wakes every time,no need to force shut down.Try this.
  7. Well,Onda.cn is the official site but i've never get in contact with them.You can't buy directly from the factory,that's the why resellers exist.Anyway,if you have the tablet less than 1 year,you should insist with Onda-tablet.com.Keep sending them emails complaining and threating them that you will expose them on forums and that you had plans to buy more tablets from them but now you won't.I think you get my point,Chinese e-shops are a bit diffucult on waranty but if you insist enough,you will get your repair.Keep in mind that if they respond and accept to send the tablet back to them,you will pay the shipping to China and they might ask you to pay the shipping back to you.
  8. I don't really get it,why are you guys instist on benchmarks.They say nothing about a device behavior.On the other hand,and i am saying that because i have a personal experience,a device with the weakest Mediatek SoC will offer way better overal experience from a device with the strongest Allwinner-Amlogic-Rockchip SoC.MTK 6592 achieve less points on Antutu because it has weaker gpu.I don't blame Onda,i am very happy with my v975m but my next tablet will be Onda only when they build a device with Mediatek SoC.
  9. Well,i can't argue with you.I can only say that you should send it back to the shop you bought it from the first time you saw it had a defective micro usb port.I am not sure that it is Onda's fault,i am sure you've heard about Chinese Quality Control.I think that the shop was more responsible to check if everything is working flawlessly before they send it to you.When you say Onda,do you mean Onda-Tablet.com?They are not Onda official,they are just a resseler,and a bad one.
  10. Hi, i don't know how much time it requires from USA to China but in Greece,we need at least 2 months for the tablet to go China and back.So,i don't think it is wise(for me at least) to look for RMA.If you get the tablet to someone who is expert to these stuff,it'll cost you no more than 20$ and you'll have your tablet back in hours.
  11. I broke the sd slot on my tablet as well.Then i did something really stupid and i needed to install the rom again.I am glad that i had TWRP and a backup of the rom.In minutes i had my tablet back.Anyway,i think that there is no other way to flash a rom to this tablet so my guess is to get it to someone to replace the broken slot and then you might be able to bring it back to life with the Rozak unbricking method.
  12. You have no drain any more by moving them?Where did you move them?
  13. Well to be honest i used Dalvik only a couple of days before i switched to ART but i am pretty sure that i would remember if there was a noticeable difference between them.Try it,you have nothing to lose.
  14. I am using ART 2 months now.I didn't notice any improvement.
  15. LouCi4er

    Help Needed

    Where did you buy it from?Can you contact the seller to discribe the problem?Maybe it is better to send it back for a new one.It is new to me that a v975m can brick without change anything.Did you flash a rom to it?