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  1. MrXT

    MediaTek? Who Are These Guys!

    Mediatek is SOC manufacturer not a tablet maker. You should be avoiding whom ever made the tablet because the screen or the tablet has nothing to do with the cpu that mediatek makes. You should however avoid mediatek simply because they wont release their kernel source code as required by the android opensource licence agreement. Your whole post makes me facepalm.
  2. MrXT

    Windows10 upgrade

    I upgraded via usb, i wouldnt have expected the update to work via windows update due to the onda having so little storage space. Advantage of usb upgrade is there is now no left over elements of chinese, it is all completely english.
  3. All v2 models have this. Shouldnt be a problem just follow the tutorial that was posted here but use a full version of windows instead of the trial and make sure its an x86 image not x64.
  4. Im running the full windows 10 on my tablet and i have no sign in screen. Its much better than 8.1. If you cant remember neither the email nor the password then youll just have to reinstall windows 10 or 8.1. Iv never found my self locked out before there must be recovery options available on the login screen.
  5. Use your phone or computer to recover your hotmail password
  6. Done it. My problem was installing the wrong drivers i was installing v1 drivers when i have the v2 version of the tablet. All the drivers worked besides the graphics drivers and was stuck on microsoft basic display driver and the screen was at 60hz and lagging like hell. Now all fixed and win 10 running okay.
  7. Did ever you succeed in getting a dual boot working on the v101w?
  8. Got windows 10 installed but i cant imput my key as apparently zeros and ones are not accepted. It is also very very laggy im assuming my graphics drivers have not installed correctly but it keeps saying they are not supported by this device and wont allow me to install them. Help?
  9. MrXT

    Dual boot on Onda v101w

    It would need some hacking but yeah i think it could be done quite easily since there are dozen of tablets with the exact same chipset dual booting right now. Download their rom update with both windows and android, replace touch drivers and the windows rom with ours plus a little bit of other shit it should run. Problem is this tablet has no devs working with it so i cant ever see it happening.
  10. MrXT


    If you guys manage to get windows 10 working dont forget to post it here!! I really want rid of windows 8.
  11. 8 out of 10 times i turn the tablet on the touch panel does not work and i have to manually reboot using a mouse and after that reboot it works. What is the problem?
  12. This is all translated into english so no chinese characters on boot up????
  13. MrXT


    I registered to ask this question as well. Maybe a dev can make a windows 10 system image for the tablet. The preview version out right now is keylogged so theres no point trying until its actually released.