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  1. This morning I've found the tablet very hot . In other forum, somebody said that the next sequence on the power button was useful: long click (15 seconds), pause (1 sec), short click (1 sec), pause (1), short (1). pause, short click (1 sec). And it has worked! The tablet returned to life but the battery was nearly drained (< 5%, I left the tablet yesterday night completely charged). I don´t know what to do or which is the matter with that windows' update. Any idea? Thank you
  2. Congratulations! My tablet has I have just begun with he same problem as yours Till today I did a very mild use of the tablet, and now is when I really need it! I don´t know what to do
  3. saldo


    I was in the same situation. I just clicked the "Microsoft Office" icon (In Metro list) and followed the instructions. Regards
  4. Thank you. I have bought the same 64 GB Sandisk. 128 cards are too expensive yet
  5. I think so but, anyone has checked it? Regards
  6. saldo

    Good evening from Spain

    I am a new owner of a v975w tablet. The first target (Chinese translation) has been achieved and now begining to ride it Greetings!