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  1. I figured this one out, you have to right click in desktop go the graphic properties and power and disable Extend batter life for gaming and disable power saving technology. PITA
  2. I tell you the wifi chips in these Onda tablets are pure garbage, So I was pretty disappointed in the fact it only does 2.4 GHZ well I did some windows 10 updates and now the wifi card does not see ANY wifi networks at all, the wifi adapter has a red X over it and does not see anything, their were at least 6 networks it saw before and did correctly connect to them. These cheap wifi chips really ruin what would other wise be a pretty good tablet. I've already tried this with no luck, any other advice? Found SOLUTION: Problem is: WLAN Extensibility Module (Module Path: C:\windows\system32\athExt.dll) 1. open regedit (run-> regedit) 2. find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0003\Ndi\ delete everything inside (leave "folder" Interfaces") 3. try again to connect. o
  3. Is their anyway to undo this nvrom setting? Seems my wifi speed cut in half after doing this
  4. So this is really annoying I have found when using the tablet in a dark room it seems the adapative brightness on the screen is still turned on even though I have turned it off in the power mode settings. I can see the screen step up or down brightness any time i open and close a program and this is REALLY annoying. How do i completely disable adaptive brightness so it does not do this? I have it turned off in the power settings but it is not working.
  5. I'm seeing an issue where the Onda does not see my 5.2GHZ wifi network, does this tablet not have the hardware to use 5.2GHZ wifi? If it is stuck to 2.4GHZ then it's no wonder the thing is so slow on wifi
  6. Just got the Onda and it only see's my 2.4GHZ SSID and is ignring my N 5.2ghz network Am I assuming correctly that the Onda only does 2.4 GHZ wifi? Is their any driver combo or registry hack to allow it to see 5.2GHZ wifi? If not I'm going to return it as 2.4GHZ wifi is only giving me around 10MBPS on my 150MPS connection Real bummer if they cheaped out on the wifi as it is one of the most important part of a tablet cause otherwise this is a pretty good tablet.
  7. Ok so out of the Box the Win 8.1 side has 29GB avialble. Ouch, thanks for the answers but that is not going to work for my needs my windows use and installs will fill that up immediately. It would be nice to be able to adjust the Windows and Andoird size during setup. I'd give more to the Windows side since it needs it more.
  8. Ok still a bit confused so I'll ask this eaiser On the dual OS tablet how much space does Win 8.1 have that can be used in Win 8.1? The below info sounds like each OS has it's own independant partition. I'm skeptical that this device has TWO 64GB roms, 1 for Win 8.1 and one for Android so the OS's must share the same 64GB rom and are split into two partitions. If so my concern is how much space is useable by the Win 8.1 OS on the tablet. 2, android tablet dual system partition with windows8.1 disk partition, you can share it? Android system partition disk partition and windows8.1 system, mutually independent disk partition, disk space and data partition of the two is not shared. Under the android system that is inaccessible to view the file data in the windows8.1 system partition; under windows8.1 view the file system can not access the data partition of the android system. External TF card expansion disk space and data in android and windows8.1 can be shared, TF card file data in both systems can read access. 3, the user can modify the disk partition size it? Currently does not support the user to modify the disk partition size.
  9. So does each OS get a 32GB partition on the 64GB model? Do they share the same 64GB of space? Can you make it custom so Windows gets like 50GB and Android gets 14GB? I ask cause Windows is hard to run on 32GB of space and andoird can easily run on 8GB so if it is split evenly it will make the tablet hard to use.
  10. I would avoid putting Win 10 on any small tablet. Win 10 is horrible on tablets, all the nice tablet friendly features of win 8 were remvoed from Win 10. Win 10 is more like running win 7 on a tablet than Win 8.