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  1. Anyone know where I can get a replacement battery for the Onda V975m?
  2. All I ever wanted to achieve was stop the Google Playstore updating which lead to the "Out of space" error when installing new apps, so in installing the Super User fix it bricked my otherwise good V975m. In desperation I installed the V3_2.0.1 ROM and now it is better than it ever was, and the initial objective fulfilled, so thanks a pile! Just got to work out how to stop the SuperUser app from updating as recommended in the procedure.
  3. It certainly is hard discerning the difference between the various generations of this tablet. I see the marketing pointing at them being gold or silver, which either means something or its just a nice colour. Or is is a reflection of the Version numbers? Decided to bite the bullet and ordering anyway from GeekBuying.com. with Android 4.3
  4. Does 2.0.1 mean KitKat? Sorry but I'm not familiar with the numbering. Is there a version chronology anywhere? I'm seeing V3 on sale at BangGood, but what is the latest version as of 11th May 2014? Thanks!!!
  5. I see there is a beta available for KitKat v4.4 at http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTFQhE3 but is there any announcement when the official Onda is likely to be available? I'm looking to order a v975m, but would like to know if KitKat will be available soon.