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  1. Might just be a circuit board revision. Be interesting to compare photos of the different version insides.
  2. I had decided to upgrade my tablet to the latest kit-kat firmware from the previous version. I've previously had no issues upgrading firmware, but this time it bricked during the update. I prepared the same as always, freshly formatted sd card (a 4gb one I only use for updating firmware), tested archive etc. It went to the initial green robot then the screen just went black. Thanks to the excellent instructions from Rozak I've got it unbricked, but I just wanted to share that a previously reliable tablet can still get bricked updating stock firmware.
  3. I bought mine from them too, no issues with the service, as others have said, duty charges are determined by the shipper & the customs people. The lower written value is there to reduce such charges.
  4. Thanks for the very clear video, perhaps this needs a sticky post?
  5. I got the hdmi working fine under the V1.0.n roms, but the connector is extremely sensitive, I tried several cables before I managed to get a stable connection, that's even with trimming them back as far as possible. I have not tried under the 2.0.n roms. Until I got a cable that worked, I had exactly the same issues that you describe. Hope that helps.
  6. hello from a girl

    Hello and welcome to the Onda users family!
  7. Great tablet holder.

    I had one of those before, it's OK for watching videos etc, but it moves way too much to use it while typing or say playing solitaire.
  8. I recently bought a tablet holder to help me manage better as I recently came out of hospital. This is a fantastic and very well built product, I just wish my tablet had bluetooth so I could type away too. http://r.ebay.com/YSJGly
  9. Where can I get UK AC power lead?

    I've found these cables work fine with the tablet, the ends are nicely long enough. http://r.ebay.com/276DDX These usb power adapters work fine too. http://r.ebay.com/J3EGQJ
  10. Hi all I am secreto

    Hello and welcome to the Onda tablet family :-)
  11. I have tried to contact them via the online form, see what happens.
  12. H/w V1 Rom 2.0.0 stock Free space 23.90gb
  13. I doubt we are a large enough user base YET!! Still, as I always say, don't ask, don't get. Anyone tried asking?
  14. Not sure what the specs of the new V979 are, but I imagine it's another one to be aware of.
  15. upgrade the forum

    I agree, more hands and minds working together can only be better.