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  1. Think so try no frills CPU control anututu x over 36000 no pure performance or killjoy running a v 4 machine and rozak 2.01 KitKat ,sets to 1998 on boot ,play store☺
  2. Hello anyone who is still listening,I have a problem which keeps repeating, regardless of a wipe ,I am running v975m v4 running rozak custom ROM 2 g ,when the tablet sleeps it comes up with the message Android is upgrading and then boots ,everything crashes ,I thought the problem was connected to Google play but this does not seem to be the case can anyone tell me how to stop this happening ,thanks in advance
  3. I am having a ver4y persistent problem which i thought might be micro sd ,If i do wipe ,factory reset then a few hours later i get android is upgrading and then the ui crashes ,running rozaks 2.01 on v975m v4,it also returns to screen saver that was on it a long time ago,suspected data on sd card but now am thinking google play ??? any ideas
  4. docsax

    Keyboard case for v1?

    An extra 15 mm on width will it even fit ?Has anyone found a Bluetooth keyboard case that fits?
  5. can somebody explain how to use trwp and how to install software onto the tablet in basic terms I can choose the right files for my v4 running rozak 2.01 2g but i dont know how to use twrp or even if its already on the tablet ,,I want to install pureperformance x as the tablet is a bit laggy
  6. docsax


    Hi I am using Rozak 2.01 with 2g app storage,as i understand it twrp was included ,my tablet is a v4,is the process for installing pureperformance x the same as flashing the rom ie put the files on an sd card and press power and volume buttons together or has it got to be done from another computer , I have never installed any software by flashing other than the rom ,i am not even sure of the advantages of being root and have no idea how to access twrp if it is installed ,but i am a good learner, super soo is already on tablet
  7. Can anybody give a newbie a step by step guide to installing pure performance x ?
  8. Hi everyone I am running Rozaks 2.01 ROM on a version 4 tablet ,I get intermittent crashes with the browser and play store also the scrolling is very blurred and some times freezes for a second ,WiFi is fine ,is there a better ROM ton run on V4 ? Thanks to everyone on this site
  9. Running this firmware on a version 4 ,browser keeps crashing and play store crashes ,this machine has a serious error and needs to reboot .
  10. Hi I am about to flash my new tablet which is a v975m v4 ,,when I read the instructions to flash on earlier roms it says that if you are running a 4g rom then you can just upgrade if you are running a 2g rom then you need a clean install ,however on the instructions to this verion the one ending in 515 the instructions are if you are running a 2g rom then just upgrade and 4g clean install ,,is this a mistake somebody please clarify before i brick it,,thank you
  11. So i am about to recieve my onda tablet through the post and the more i read this forum the more problems i see people are having ,makes me think i should just send it back straight away ,has this update fixed the issues people were having with this tablet?