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  1. Thanks but the unit was DOA I sent it back and got a replacement Unfortunately it cost 84$ to send back... So good deal?....not so much Ron
  2. Hi all!! Was wondering if anyone has a fix for a v919 not booting, right out of the boxi thought it may have just been that if wasn't charged, Sopluged it in and left it alone.. still nothing. Is there a reset button somewhere? I'm sort of at loss here.. Any ideas? Thanx much!!! Ron
  3. Good day Issues so far : Volume setting is still in chinese Google search bar on main screen doesnt fit in landscape mode And for some strange reason the typing correction is Substituting words i Type with wildly inacurate options. Thank you again Ron
  4. I am totally blown away! Awesome job!! Even the sound is better... no muss no fuss installing and configuring. Used: Onda Suite (wish they would translate it to english...) Patch installed easily Rammstein Never sounded better...loll WIll continue to torture test it a bit, and if anything shakes loose, will leave a message Thanx again Ron Onda v989 v4
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