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  1. j0hnj0hn

    Onda v989 digitizer

  2. j0hnj0hn

    Onda v989 digitizer

  3. j0hnj0hn

    shuts down at 75% battery

    Just disconnect your battery for 10 min and your battery is fine
  4. j0hnj0hn

    shuts down at 75% battery

    THX Timox works for me also
  5. j0hnj0hn

    Replacement Battery

    So battery is defect I have same problem in range 40 60 % (mostly even wider) the tablet doesnt boot prob (crash at end) and often tablet goes off during use the voltage is then about 3,2 v and when its works propper its 3,5 or 3,6 volt , This happens after my tablet has been repair (send back to geekbuying) because the charge port didnt work, then send it back charge port works but now i have this problem) did a battery calibrate but that didnt do nothing
  6. j0hnj0hn

    Upgraded to 5.0

    Can you tell me why I run 2.13 cleanonda atm
  7. Trying Screen Standby on my Onda v989 v4 Cleanonda 2.13 doesnt work when i try to check root it hangs Did anybody tried this app (its make your android screen in standby mode when using HDMI out (so less battery less heat) Hope to get it to work somehow Can any one test it on lolipop More info http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1934495 Thx
  8. j0hnj0hn

    Game Controller for Onda

    Thx i had the sixaxis app on my nexus 7 but never get it to work So i thought it would work on my Onda 989 but it worked great THX alll for Info (i had read it before but wasnt login in and i am lazy but Snyperr is right !!! So excuses sorry And a lot of thx cuz of your replies i tried my PS3
  9. Does anybody knows a good android gamecontroller for the onda v989 Id like to play games on my on ONDA true my TV
  10. Thanks I have another problem looks like G sensor doesnt work. Any idea ?? (hmm after reboot it worked ) I really like this rom is crispy fast great work and thanks for fast reply and help
  11. How do i update the 213 rom update1a_213.zip bug fix (problem home key with long tap) - update1b_213.zip smaller icon of recent app history as same size as clenaONDA210 tweak for touch sensitivity Do i do that also with ondasuit and the same way as i install the onda 213 rom?? Do i have to install a and b both ?? or with custom recovery For CleanONDA213 * use OndaSuite/PhoenixSuite for flash the img file. !!! to flash img file will wipe all data !!! How to upgrade 1 install cwm recovery (CleanONDA210 only) 2 boot recovery 3 flash zip 4 wipe cache and dalvik-cache 5 reboot I dont get this For cleanonda 213 But says CWM recovery is for 210 only So with what program do i update the cleanonda 213
  12. j0hnj0hn

    OTG V989

    ooh thx i didnt know
  13. I bought my Onda v989 at geekbuying a bundle with an OTG cable but its an micro usb hub and Onda V989 has no micro USB port So i wonder how to use OTG on Onda V989 USB3.0 OTG cable ?? and why does geekbuying gives me a micro usb otg (in bundle)