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    Ex co admin from the french site : "tablette -chinoise .net "
    I used plenty of tablets, principaly Ifive and now i 'm on onda v975 m 32gb and love it
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  1. i think i have found : this: "com.android.providers.drm" also called " storage of DRM protected content" and now , who can explain us how to killed this ? thanks
  2. to HanRehm ok, but i have tested a lot things , and i think that Chupa has right, this chinese battery is a big shit , sorry to say that ...but i'm a little angry with that
  3. on the v975i , it does not delete the launcher Should onda because it integrates several micro programs , including one that manages the battery. I had the problem of the battery drained off tablet. You can put another launcher , but not permanently remove it
  4. here are the news : my onda is back to the seller, and he has found the problem : the nova launcher he tried another launcher, but only nova does this and another thing , do not uninstall the onda launcher , it seems to affect many functions of the tablet and battery management
  5. Well, I think my tab will go back to the seller yesterday morning, the tab was charged to 70%, I switched off via the on / off button for the day last night by turning ... nothing more battery , 0 % !!! it empties being off ... too strong so back the seller for exchange .... tomorrow because I do a final test this morning 100% charged and left in standby for the day until tonight ....
  6. yes greenify is a very good idea, and it works really better
  7. hello , my v975m is dead since christmas and now , my next would be the v919 3G air intel inside , but the only answer for me , is about the root ...
  8. Can you explain how you do that?
  9. jarryel

    TWRP recovery

    très bon travail, bravo (really good work , bravo)
  10. I found that What do you think? Envoyé de mon V975m Core4
  11. Very good ideas Envoyé de mon V975m Core4
  12. hi, I installed for some time on my wife's V975 the v3.3.2_v1 rom and it works pretty well but, I have two questions: are there any root other than Chinese root that I can install? and someone has passed on 4.4 and with what root prog ? and a small last, is it interesting to switch to 4.4? thank you
  13. 2 onda v975 (a retina and a M 32gb v1 )at home , and i like them
    1. jarryel


      new added, 2 onda v819i ...
  14. jarryel

    Deep Sleep Battery Saver [APP]

    It 's a good app in french version, slumberer = dormeur I use "balance " Envoyé de mon V975m Core4
  15. You can also go on "tablette chinoise.net " a french forum They have found solutions for unbricking the tab Envoyé de mon V975m Core4