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  1. Have you triedd this? http://www.androidcentral.com/how-manually-install-flash-your-android-device
  2. Just noticed after applying update the firmware version now shows as 1.05 and not 1.06 ?
  3. Installed no issues, for me zero lag! Antutu score 25800, all seems good!!
  4. Thanks for the info Ranomez.
  5. I see there's a few TV boxes out there now with the same Allwinner processor and gpu as the v989(a80t). Would it be possible to use the custom roms here on the forum on these boxes or would you just brick them??
  6. I agree the hardware is far from terrible, its the software that's the problem. This tablet is never going to be as good as the A30T version but I think it can get a lot better. Hats off to Ardpat for making a great start. I'm hoping that a lollipop upgrade will appears and solve many of the tablets issues!!
  7. Seems better for me and less laggy, its true though AnTuTu is unreliable!!
  8. bigmoonface

    Post your desktop here:

    Err I dont know!! This is my A30T BTW not the Air. Ardpat probably put it in his ROM.
  9. Yeah mine's a little geeky
  10. No! Buts its a great improvement on what we had before!!
  11. No thank you adrpat!! I think many many people will appreciate the Rom. I hope it may be possibly sometime in the future to upgrade the tablet to lollipop. I think then we will see it as its best! Thanks again for your work!!
  12. Ok all seemed to go OK Test.log is now there, I've opened it and it just says: " Ryuinferno @ XDA 2012 Init.d is working !!! "