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  1. pearlheartgtr

    wifi problem

    I'm having this same problem.
  2. pearlheartgtr

    Onda V975M Lollipop 5.0.2 rom by Stane1983

    I just installed this rom using the USB tool on my V1 and all is running fine. I do want to point out to the people who are getting the "Create workfollow xml file failed" error while flashing, download the latest version of the USB tool (2.0.5 at the moment). I had downloaded all of the files a few weeks ago (along with version 2.0.4) and hadn't gotten around to updating until now. I ran into the error a few times until I came back to the OP and saw the tool was updated. Flashed and done. Is there a way to turn off the sim card icon on the notification bar?
  3. I edited my build.prop for touchscreen sensitivity and when I rebooted, I get got a yellow screen with part of the Onda logo in the corners. I flashed PhilZ recovery and I am on JB stock. I just need a flashable zip to get this to work again. Thanks! I ended up having to reflash everything with a bootable SD card. All is well in Ondaland now.
  4. pearlheartgtr

    Bluetooth Dongle for v1?

    Has anyone come across a bluetooth dongle for tablets? I have the v975m v1 which doesn't come with internal bluetooth and would like to get a stylus for it.
  5. pearlheartgtr

    Xenomix SHG-NX4000 Tablet CD Slot Mount (Review)

    I'm not driving and watching movies. At work, I just sit in one spot for 8 hours.
  6. There is a guide on the second page of this forum. There are also guides in the Read Me files of the custom roms and custom root zips. Besides, the best thing to do before you do ANYTHING is to read every page of the root and rom threads so you see what problems people have had and how it was fixed. I've read 450 page threads before rooting or romming my phones. This is probably the easiest device I've rommed and rooted.
  7. Some times some devices aren't compatible or approved to download certain apps. When I had my Motorola Triumph phone, I couldn't download most EA games in the play store, they wouldn't show up. But when the build.prop was editied to show the phone as an HTC Thunderbolt, I could download anything the HTC was allowed to.
  8. Check here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1948558 From the thread: "-edit Android Version by locating ro.build.version.release= and changing the current Build Version. - Edit your Model # by locating ro.product.model= and changing your model # - change your product brand by locating ro.product.brand= Please Note that if you change the product brand, the name MUST be in ALL LOWERCASE LETTERS!!! Once you are done playing around, press menu, and then Save...now just exit the app and reboot your phone. Once your device reboots, go to Settings> About Phone/Device and see the changes! ;D"
  9. I just got the Xenomix SHG-NX4000 tablet mount in the mail and it works good. I needed something that would mount the tablet in the general area of the center dash so I could watch movies and tv shows on my Onda V975M while I was at work. Vent mounts are a no-go since I drive a Pontiac Aztek. The vents are round and nothing was going to fit properly. The CD slot was my only choice for a mount. The Xenomix SHG-NX4000 was $34.99 on eBay with free shipping. The catch? It came from South Korea and took over a month to arrive. The seller sent it out the next morning, but it sat in US customs for a couple of weeks before finally getting here. The mount comes with a few other spacers to fit CD players with larger or smaller slots, but I had no need for them. It just slides right into the slot, flip a tab to engage the lock and it's in. You can pull it out while it's engaged but it takes some effort. You can still play CDs with the mount. You just have no access to the controls on the radio (unless you have a remote). It almost feels a little shaky or that the tablet might fall out, but the tablet is actually held in pretty securly. You can't slide the tablet from side to side once it's in the brackets. I drove to work with the tablet in the dock and it held steady. You can adjust the angle and tilt, or even just slide the tablet up and down. The mount was worth the money and I don't have to balance my phone on the steering wheel to watch movies anymore. Here are a couple of pics (please don't mind my truck, I know it's a bit dusty in there. It didn't seem like much until I took the pics. Oh, well).
  10. I started getting that error a couple of days ago (last time I used the tablet) when I tried to turn on mass storage when I plugged in the USB. I figured I could fix it by flashing the new update (1.08v1). Things went fine for a little while (was turning USB on and off to install and update stuff) and then the error started again. After about 10 minutes, it stopped and was able to transfer files again. I'm in the middle of a large transfer at the moment, so we'll see if it happens again.
  11. Unzip the file. Click on "factory_update_param.aml" and open with a text editor (Notepad). Delete --wipe data, --wipe_cache, and --wipe_media. Click save.
  12. Before you root, open the Play Store. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Tap settings. Tap Auto Update Apps and check Do Not Auto Update Apps. Now you can root and keep your root. I check my apps in the store every week to see if they need updating.
  13. Before you do anything, go into the Play Store and turn off all auto updates. Then flash. You're losing root because supersu is updating when you reboot.
  14. pearlheartgtr

    Official Onda v975m 1.0.7 Rom - Discussion

    I just went through the whole process of registering at microblog to find that the quota has been reached for the beta test.