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  1. In this post http://hispatablets.com/onda-v975m/vida-nueva-para-onda-v975m-con-rom-cyph3r-2003-t6600.html from "Hispatablets" I posted the before/after of my tablet runing this Rom. before youtu.be/TE9H_z2EOls after http://youtu.be/w47Yv_Ng31U
  2. Today I visited the forum by chance after a long time without visiting. My v975m always, always, worked disastrously with any of the ROMs I've tried. I saw this ROM, as did not have much to lose, I decided to try it. It is the best ROM I've installed on my tablet. Finally my v975m seems a decent tablet. Thank you cYpH3r.2oo3
  3. I can't read the forum Error message: Sorry, we couldn't find that! [#10340] You do not have permission to view this topic. What's happening?
  4. Thanks for your answer, Rozak. I think I should take the chance to try anything. Currently my tablet is unusable. Not working properly, continuous resets, do not shut down properly, and so on. Any help is welcome
  5. I've read the post we have a updatet Rozak ROM Actually I have the 0.9.83 Stane Rom that don't work in my tablet (multiple FC, lag, don't reboot, etc) Can I install this rom?
  6. otraver

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    I had the same problem in trying to erase the bootloader Now my tablet is unusable, continuous resets, failure to boot, general slowness. And I can not send the SAT as I am not able to reinstall a stock rom
  7. I will try if I can uninstall the Stane,s Rom
  8. otraver

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    As many of you know, I have had many problems with my tablet when I try to flahs the Stane,s rom .But one of the problems I solved is the same as to you'll occurs I'll try to help you After trying 3 different computers (two desktops and a laptop) finally I determined that the USB ports on all of them only have 0.5A current and it seems that is not sufficient intensity to flash some tablets. In addition to what Stane says, try using a powered USB Hub connected to 2.0 USB port. If it is possible, to a motherboard USB port. I used a docking station for my Acer Travelmate (centrino 1.6, WinXP 32bit) and managed to avoid the same mistake you have. Sorry for my english
  9. Thank's rozak for your roms and for your effort in the un-brick posts. I think I have a tablet whit a hardware problem. Due to low quality of the Onda components, I think the nand is defective. Actually I use Stane Rom but I have a big problem with the bootloader. Is there any method to fully drawn the nand and after try to instlla the official rom to send repair warranty?
  10. The problem is that the option to mount the internal memory don't exist, only extSDcard and OTG USB stick I have modified the file manually
  11. I rebooted in recovery mode to flash the tweak to increase speaker volume. I downloaded the two zip (the modified and original one) to the download folder in the sdcard0 (not extSDcard) When I try to install the zip in TWRP I select "Install" but I don't find any folder in the "sda1" folder. Is empty. If I click the button bellow "Select Zip to install" I only see Micro SDcard (2950MB) (selected) OTG USB Stick (0MB) (I can't sellect obiously because I don't have it connected) Is this normal?
  12. Effectively. Scibee has saved me the translation, which is very difficult for me. I do not know which of the three scripts is what worked for me because I tried all three. I still have freezes, lines in the screen and strange things. I'm not happy with my tablet. I need to install an official rom to send the tablet for repair under warranty.
  13. 1 hour playing video and all working perfectly. The only error is when the tablet goes to sleep. I can't swich on .
  14. I have great news and good news. Looks like I finally have my working tablet. I have achieved this by following, one by one, all the unbrick procedures described in the post http://hispatablets.com/onda-v975m/onda-v975m-t585.html Exatcly the one called "Desbirckeo para pantalla en negro - u-boot MOD Metodo de Rozak" I created the 3 files described in the post, erasebd.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <progress_configs> <command sn="0">store init 3</command> <command sn="1">store erase boot</command> <command sn="2">store erase data</command> <command sn="3">reset</command> </progress_configs> config_progress_erase_my.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <progress_configs> <command sn="0">mmcinfo</command> <command sn="1">store init 3</command> <command sn="2">fatload mmc 0 0x10100 u-boot.bin</command> <command sn="3">store rom_write 0x10100 0 60000</command> <command sn="4">mw 0xc8100004 0x01010101</command> <command sn="5">reset</command> </progress_configs> fullerase.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <progress_configs> <command sn="0">mmcinfo</command> <command sn="1">store init 3</command> <command sn="2">store erase boot</command> <command sn="3">store erase data</command> <command sn="4">fatload mmc 0 0x10100 u-boot.bin</command> <command sn="5">store rom_write 0x10100 0 60000</command> <command sn="6">mw 0xc8100004 0x01010101</command> <command sn="7">reset</command> </progress_configs> I downloaded the Amlogic Image Burning Tool v. http://www.v975m.com/downloads/upload/_USB-Burning-Tool% or http://www.ondaforum.com/files/download/28-usb-burning-tool-v1621228rar/ I followed the steps described but I have the flash loop always. I tried to re-flash the stane Rom using USB_Burning_tool and in this occasion the soft has been able to erase the bootloader and the flash operation is finished without problems. Now I can restart, power off, install TWRP, start in recovery mode without problems. Now I'll try a few days to verify that no other error exist. I want to thank all of you for your invaluable help. Especially SciBee, Rozak for their unbrick methods (that are the ones used in hispatablets once translated) and Stane1983 for his rom.
  15. Now, I prepared my bootable SDcard with the Part3 metod and I use the 2.0.1 stock rom. - The little green robot is showed. - Reset - Black Screen - Bigger green robot with progress bar. - Reset - Big green robot... Loop