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  1. Yes you do, but plug a keyboard along with Mouse and USB stick in and hopefully a OTG Cable that charges it ( using a USB A to A cable from a power bank or charger or other PC DOES NOT CHARGE the TABLET so it might just turn off when installing). DEL to tap which then gets you into the bios, but save and exit and the usb stick should be shown, if its not, make sure its formatted as UEFI: GPT FAT32 in Rufus.
  2. Try this tutorial which might help out
  3. Now this is just a quick tutorial but i've had massive problems installing windows 10 aka reinstalling it on the Air CH V5. In simple terms what i'm explaining here is how to slipstream the onda drivers into the Installation which solves problems later on. Like BSOSD with Driver Power State Failure This Requires. Apart from a Windows PC A ISO of Windows 10 - Get it from the Media Creation Tool: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 7-zip or something to extract NTLite - https://www.ntlite.com/download/ The V919 Air CH Driver Pack - There was a link on here somewhere, I orginally got it from Tech Tablets but the site has lost the file. Rufus a 4GB + USB (8GB is recommended A USB OTG adapter A USB Hub (ideally a powered one since by the time it gets to the setup/ooBE, it turned off from low battery The BT and WIFI Drivers http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nuzSpr7 Basically what you do is: Extract the ISO to a folder Run NTLite Click on add and find the folder you extracted to. Wait for it to load. Choose either Home or Pro Wait for the Wim to mount itself The click drivers on the left Then click add and find the folder with the drivers pack and the BT and Wifi driver It should look like the screnshot below Then click apply Make sure Create ISO is ticked Then save that ISO somewhere like the screenshot says Then name the iso both times Then click process Then when its done, plug in USB drive and open rufus Open the image Make sure GPT for UEFI is checked like the screenshot Then press start wait for it to process. Unplug the usb when its done Plug in the usb drive, keyboard and mouse to the hub and then to the tablet then boot up the tablet, rapid press of ESC to get to bios Then go to save and exit and select the UEFI: Insert drive name here Install windows as normal Note: The touchscreen will not work until the Touchsetting.gt file is copied to the C:\Windows\inf folder and rebooted Note: The NVRAM fix for the wifi might still need to be applied from ONDA's Site http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kUsEz5d aka extract all in rar to c: and run the cmd included as admin, then follow it 5 times then close and reboot. Hope this helps, since it did for me omracer
  4. omracer

    Android only

    There was a tutorial but when i tried it, it bricked the tablet (soft brick, only the onda logo shows up)
  5. omracer

    V820W Dual OS, rooting

    Followed instructions by Beny on the v820w i got in this morning and it worked fine. its Rooted, cheers
  6. omracer

    Recover Windows Installation

    Ok, try this Make sure the USB was setup with GPT (Use rufus to help set this up) otherwise you can't boot from the USB without going into the bios. Also make or download a copy of 8.1 with bing. There is guides from My digital life that i followed. Press ESC on the keyboard to boot into the bios, then select boot manager, it should appear on the bios from there
  7. Well, long story short i semi bricked my v820w by flashing the Dual OS Bios (which worked and didn't actually cause the problem) but Following a Chinese Tutorial to install Android to it using the WIN PE Method (http://www.ondabbs.cn/thread-58294-1-1.html). This almost kind of worked except the last part which now i'm face with a problem with the ONDA logo appearing just rebooting and Keyboards won't work which means i can't get into the bios. The Insyde Recovery method hasn't worked either. All in All i ended up buying the Dual OS version for £83 INC VAT and Delivery from a UK supplier (idreamcenter). And since the v820w i bought was from ONDA-Tablet.com, returning to China isn't worth it. I partly thought there was a way to disconnect the Storage Chip from the tablet then wipe it some how (this might work), but it turns out its soldered, so enjoy some pics of the insides of the thing. Note: this is the V2 version of the Single OS (Not Andrews/Android its the Windows one).