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  3. look at other thread where it says that with new google play update onda freezes
  4. first of all thanks for the reply, now i use es3 so here is the path local --> device --> system --> 'build.prop' *** changing to 1.0.6 then save ... but it says will not save it cause of an error "loading file"
  5. all i know is that my antutu score keeps dropping, now @23888
  6. Hi, it means that the pkg could not be opened so used the custom rom provided by Adrapt ... so i used the update apk but it said "verifying failed pls check your pkg" so i used the pkg from Adrapt that was ok) always local) I done it again and now it worked .... idk though with which pkg ... but still version 1.0.5
  7. Thanks i will try this solution, no ive done nothing with clean master and i was hopping that i would have get rid off somehow
  8. Well it worked partially, as i used this apk to install the custom rom dev by Adrapt in another post, though now i am using again 1.0.5- antutu score droped again to 24050
  9. can someone pls list how to root it cause kingoroot is not working - keep saying not connected - though i have done the debugging close it and open it many times still nothing on root browser the other member said - i have no idea what to do so i install it and then what? thanks tried towelroot - but still nothing
  10. ok thanks Il-Mafioso, now in every app download i am getting unknown error -24 .... i am sure that this has to do with clean master - so thanks
  11. update on previous posting: now 2nd day with fmw 1.0.6 and the tablet freezes and closes down when installing new app. - never done this before
  12. i upg td to 1.0.6 and reinstall my games, some games supporting google+ were able to put me in my original status, others though failed, so lost 2 games. apart from that run antutu 5.7.1 score 21.100 .... so i said what?????? my previous score was around 24.500-25.500 so went to apps and disabled anything that i am not using ... the result was just above 25.000 so nothing special. so not sure if i did well the outcome is minus the progress in two of my games and nothing much in gaining... lag while plugged in, still there
  13. guys if I upd to 1.0.6 game progress will be lost? for a reason some games do not do well with g+ ... also is it so better? PS. I need a laptop to do it, right?
  14. guys can we install lolli? or its only for v3/4