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  1. //!!!!!!!!!! stane: TWRP V3.x rozak/stock: TWRP V2.x !!!!!!!!!!// Image files are always in the installable zip files. Just decompress the zip, locate the *.img file, rename it to recovery.img and copy it to the root of the SDCard. Rename/remove "/system/recovery-from-boot.p" before you install a new recovery via Rashr or the system will overwrite the new recovery with the default one at first system start.
  2. Extract the img file from the archive and install it while running 0.9.2 using Rashr from playstore. I had to modify the zip because there were errors in the installation procedure. Partitioning is different between rozak/stock and stane. You get the unable to mount errors if you run a V2.x TWRP with a stane ROM. stane: TWRP V3.x rozak/stock: TWRP V2.x
  3. Indeed - it has gone But I did not remove it intentionally. Seems it was removed in the TWRP V2.8.0.0 source version. I did not change the kernel, any modules or other settings except the partitioning which was adopted to stane1983's new layout. Sorry - didn't notice that...
  4. This thread is not for the hispatablets method. I did not try that - so I can't help here. This thread will only work if you want to install rozak or stock ROM. You do not need to use the bootable image. Use the "easy way" instead. Next will only help if you want to install a stane1983 ROM: Concerning the low power message: we also had that if people did not use the original cable (it uses thicker wires) or a USB3 port or USB ports behind a hub. Open your device manager. Switch the view to devices by connection and locate the tab. Try different ports. The less hubs in between the better.
  5. First you should tell us what you try to do. Which ROM do you want to install? Which way? If you use the method of this thread (part2) you should see the little droid.
  6. I suggest to install stane's KK ROM then. You install it via USBBurning tool without the need for a SDCard. But you have to use the USB version here: Use the instructions in the second post. But be warned - as this installation replaces your stock boot loader and writes a new partition layout to your NAND there is a noticeable risk for a brick.
  7. Regarding the autorotation: Go to Playstore and install the free App "Sensor Box for Android". Open it, select "Accelerometer Sensor". See if the ball moves according to your tab's orientation. If yes - your sensor is ok and you might have a settings/app problem if autorotation is not functional. If not - select "Hardware" on the bottom right side and post the listed sensor's name. We had a similar problem some time ago
  8. The procedure worked for many people - including me - so it's obvious that there is a problem with your SDCard. Either you get a new SDCard or you try to install the ROM via OTG USB stick. Don't know if Philz supports that... Boot the integrated recovery and install the ROM from the USB stick. Please post the type of your SDCard. That would prevent other users from falling into the same trap.
  9. To run TWRP the SDCard does not need to be bootable. Just download the TWRP version mating your installed ROM. You need the mating version because of the partitioning scheme. Stock and rozak differ from stane1983. Extract the *.img file from the installable zip. Rename that file to "recovery.img" and copy it to the root of your SDCard. That's all. If the stock/integrated recovery is booted if you press Power-Vol+ instead of the one on your SDCard it seems that your SDCard is not readable by the bootloader. Is it FAT32 formatted? A 2GB card can also be formatted as FAT16 and I don't know if that works too. Is the card readable in the tab when your normal Android system is started?
  10. I think you perfectly misunderstand what booting off the SDCard means in the Android world. This just means that the bootloader on the SDCard is started instead of the bootloader in your internal NAND. You need that in case your ROM is corrupted or your partitions on your NAND have been deleted and your internal bootloader is not working anymore. The bootloader just grants some basic hardware support. It's more or less like the Bios on a standard PC. After the bootloader has started it boots either a recovery: internal or on the SDCard - or the ROM: ALWAYS on your NAND! There are some devices/ROMs indeed booting off the SDCard - but not this device and none of the available ROMs. So in fact you will always get a recovery - no matter if you boot the SDCard or the internal NAND by pressing Power-Vol+. This recovery, which is some kind of independant OS is needed to install any ROM on your device. It's like booting a PC using a Windows installation DVD. Bios=bootloader WinPE=recovery WinPE then installs your e.g. Win8.1 (=ROM) on your harddisk. Original ROM means stock ROM by onda. It seems you started Philz recovery which is not suitable to install a stock or rozak ROM. So first decide which ROM you want to install and then put the appropriate files on the SDCard or for stane1983 ROMs use the USB burning tool without a SDCard. Installation guides are always in the opening posts (OP) of the corresponding threads.
  11. recovery.img (TWRP or original or Philz) has to be in the root of the SDCard! Simultaneously press Power and Vol+ while the SDCard is in the socket. A 2GB FAT32 formatted card is ok for all steps. If the default/original recovery is booting that should be all you need to install a rozak or stock ROM.
  12. Your tablet service told you nonsense. The charging symbol only appears if the bootloader and some minor parts of the ROM are functional. If your partitions are damaged the bootloader can't find the charging symbol's file for example. Fully charge the tab - even if you don't see any symbols. Just check, if the charger and the battery become warm while charging. Or check the current consumption. Then try to install the ROM again via USB burning tool. Don't use that pin shorting method. Quite risky and often unsuccessful.
  13. You can't directly go from rozak to stane1983's Lollipop because the NAND partitions need to be redefined first. First install Stane1983's Kitkat ROM via USB Burning tool. Procedure is in the opening post of "Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983". After that you can update this to Lollipop.
  14. These files can only be found in non-TWRP versions. You need the ones that are capable of changing the application space. Only these ROMs recreate the partitions and reinstall the bootloader.
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