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  1. jdh2000

    onda air v989

    Oh, by the way, I have the Hide tablet with Remix OS. WOW! Sent from my V989 Air Core8 using Tapatalk
  2. jdh2000

    onda air v989

    Hello GK. Welcome to our nightmare. The updates are in English, or capable of that setting. The latest update can be found in this very forum. Look for 1.0.6 from RobV. If I understand correctly, the flashing instructions have been translated, and can be found on OndaForum if you search for it. The flashing tool, or "brush" tool is in Chinese, but the instructions make using it very straight forward (Warning: if you haven't flashed before, I'd suggest finding someone who has). Alas, Lollipop is everyone's wish. Keep your eyes on this forum for that news. Better yet, consider Remix OS when it becomes available. Rooting are here as well. Refer to my previous Warning. As for posting links: search this forum, man. Its the best way to learn all that you need to know. Cheers! Sent from my V989 Air Core8 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Oldi. I'm confused. Can you tell me what a "compatibility problem" is? I'd like to know so I can troubleshoot problems in the future. Sent from my V989 Air Core8 using Tapatalk
  4. There's more to think about with wifi connectivity. I'm not saying Onda couldn't improve the firmware for the built-in radio, but you can take steps to improve performance right now. Consider the background apps running while you're online. These apps are competing for that limited wifi signal. Also, if there's metal close to, around, or between you and your router, that can be a problem. It diminishes the signal. I'm not talking about nails in the wood frame of your house, apartment, etc. I'm talking about shelving, doors, and stuff like that. Buying a cheap antenna extension for your router could boost your signal, too. If the router has antenna already, replace it with a 9db or higher db type. Most routers come with 5-6db antenna stock. That additional antenna will cost around $12 US. Cheap upgrade! Sent from my V989 Air Core8 using Tapatalk
  5. This is the best suggestion. I used wifi analyzer for that very reason and found switching channels made a big difference. I have 2 POAs in the house, and they're on different channels as well.[emoji106] Sent from my V989 Air Core8 using Tapatalk
  6. This post is about PurePerformances X and installation, but I wanted to give a little history leading up to the results. If you just want results, scroll down to Results… History It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Over the past few weeks I researched the best ways to speed up my tab. I already flashed the tab with Rozak’s 20140414 V3 ROM several months ago, and it did wonders to improve performance. Thanks Rozak! Battery drain became a problem after the ROM flash. I had to install DS Battery Saver (purchased version) because the battery drain was FAST! DS Battery Saver works very well. There were improvements I was looking for, like video streaming from YouTube and Netflix. Each was better, but still choppy. It didn’t matter if I was connected via my LAN or through wifi. One thing that stopped altogether was Kindle Reader. I found rumors on other forums that Amazon wasn’t going to support KitKat any longer. I really spun my wheels looking into every possible fix. Nothing really worked. I was frustrated and put off anymore performance improvements for a while. I didn’t loose hope, though. When I started reading about the Octa Core tab, the V989, that Onda introduced, and its promised performance, I tried to justify dropping another $200 US to get it. I couldn’t do it, not unless I sold off my other toys. So I decided to look into overclocking the tab. I found many members on this forum asking about and giving recommendations about Trickster Mod. I installed the donation version and set the frequency control at 504000 minimum to 1992000 maximum using the hotplug governor, and I locked in the frequency (comes back to my settings after reboot). Things got better for streaming, but not perfect, and Kindle worked a couple of times before cutting out completely. And, yes, the tab gets a little warmer with use, but I haven’t experienced any ill effects. I’ve been locked onto those settings for a couple of months now. The MOD (Started on 9/15/14) I read about flashing the kernel_loader.zip and installing TWRP a couple of months ago. I put it off because it needed to backup and get some time to sit down and do it. I read the instructions and couldn’t figure out why so many members expressed uncertainty (fear) about doing it to their tabs, even though the answers to their questions are all at the beginning of the forum post here. Anyway, I figured I had nothing to loose, and if I did brick it, then I could justify getting the V989! Results TWRP is pretty straight forward. I’ve been using iterations of it since I rooted and flashed my HTC HD2 6 or 7 years ago. It’s good to have it on my tab. Thanks SciBee! I still have that phone, too. It’s running KitKat! Amazing… I flashed kernel_loader.zip successfully. I immediately downloaded Antutu X again and ran it. It came back with a total of 34866! This is a great improvement over the first time I ran Antutu when the tab was band new. I think it was 28xxx, or close to 29xxx. I started Netflix and watched an episode of Futureama. I ran so smoothly I almost cried! I didn’t, but this was the playback performance I was after. And I reinstalled Kindle just to see if this mod made any difference. WooHoo! It works better than it ever did! The tab is fast and (knock on wood) stable. I didn’t stop here, however. Today (9/16) I flashed PurePerformances X successfully. I ran Antutu again. The score? 36023! These numbers may not impress any of you, but I can tell you that I finally have the Onda V975M where I thought it should have been from the start. Happy flashing!! I'll post if my tab blows up. Otherwise I'll just keep looking for improvements!
  7. I just did the same and will keep an eye on performance and/or glitch issues should any arise. Cheers! BTW - Terrific build.prop reference by PityOnU. Thanks!
  8. Well done, rozak. You've made the ROM flashing really a breeze. No adb command line, no rename this and move this...it's great! I haven't bricked an Android device, yet (thank God), and your step-by-step is flawless. I'm restoring from BU right now after a successfull flash!
  9. Thanks for the info! It's very much appreciated.
  10. Quote: "Conclusion: I will try this with a powered USB hub to see if it makes any difference. Look for the results a little later." Hello gang! I hoped that experimenting with a powered USB hub would make a difference. Short answer: it didn't. The idea I had was to use this elegant and powerful tablet like a mini laptop; using ethernet for data, a USB keyboard and a wireless mouse. All of those peripherals work, but I can't charge at the same time. Only while I'm using battery power. Other tablets I have use independent wall chargers, but they're just not as fast or as versatile as the V975M. The tablet was not harmed in any way while I tried plugging the AC adapter into the powered USB hub, or in any other configuration I could dream up (like tying different knots at each end of a rope). Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little escapade. I'll call this one solved. Cheers!
  11. You are correct, sir. I'm not finished, so follow along with me as I experiment! I began experimenting with an unpowered Asus USB/Ethernet hub to answer the question about battery charging (maintaining power) and using USB peripherals at the same time. I did not harm my V975M in any way. Since pictures speak louder than words, take a look at my setup and I’ll explain what I did, and the outcome. The tablet is not powered on, but you can see the battery status on the screen. I have everything plugged in. Here’s the list: 1. A short micro USB male to USB A female. 2. A USB A male to USB A male cable going from the hub to the AC power adapter. 3. USB keyboard plugged in. 4. USB wireless mouse dongle. 5. Network cable. 6. The Asus unpowered USB/Ethernet hub. I’m ready to turn on the tablet. I hold down the power button; nothing. I do it once more; nothing. I pull the power out of the hub, press the button and the tablet turns on. The network, the mouse and keyboard work. So, while it’s on I plug the power back in. It’s still not charging. I check the battery detail in settings; not charging. (By the way, once I autenticated to my network, the empty WiFi icon was replaced with the ubiquitous double computer icon made famous in Windows 95) Here’s a picture of the little hub in all its glory: Conclusion: I will try this with a powered USB hub to see if it makes any difference. Look for the results a little later. Adios! jdh2000
  12. You should take this experience and learn from it. Stick with what you know...like Samsung. Was the problem you encountered the result of a bad build from the factory? Or, was it the result of you trying to modify your Onda tablet?
  13. I know where to purchase this. You can find just about any configuration you can dream up online. My question is: Would the tablet charge AND allow use of peripheral USB devices at the same time. I could experiment, but I do not want to break something on this brand new toy.
  14. Hello All - I purchased an Onda V975M 32GB from Onda direct on 5/15/2014 and received it 5/19/2014. Pretty fast from China. I feel sorry for those members who paid some additional tax or VAT before theirs was delivered. Honestly, I figured I'd pay something, too. I have in the past, but only on ordered items from Canada. Go figure... I am pleased with this tablet and can't wait to flash a speedy ROM to it. I'd like to say to all the naysayers on this forum, those who complain about their Onda tablet acquisition, that if they're unhappy with the product, sell it! That's what Craigslist is for! If you were an early adopter, live with it. If your expectations were over the top, too bad. Join the Dark Side and buy an iPad. I paid Onda for root configuration; an additional $3.99 US. It wasn't rooted. I just wanted to save a little time. I asked for a refund, but something was lost in translation...it's another story. I didn't want to exchange emails with Onda support for the next 3 months to recover $3.99. I know how to pick my battles. And I've gone around with other Chinese tablet manufacturers before. Anyway, the first thing I did was root this shingle. Next was Nova Launcher. Then my cleaning and testing began. I won't go into a long winded critique here, but I can tell you this tablet is fast. What's better is the fact that you can do so much more with it, in terms of tweaking, flashing, etc. I'm headed in that direction with this baby. I own a Lenovo ThinkPad TP00028AA (an early Android tablet offering) that went belly-up right after the warranty ran out. That's a long story, too, but I did get them to replace the mobo in it for free. Ask me about it sometime. I own a Kindle HD fire. I got that on a killer deal from Amazon (my wife loves it). I own a TabletExpress Dragon Touch Elite R97, and now this Onda beauty. I'll finish with this: I am happy with my Dragon Touch, since it has a 4 Core RK3188 SOC for a heart, although I am disapointed with the fact that I can't get into the bootloader. It is fast. That goes for the Lenovo, too. I really expected to hammer away on both of those, just like I have with my HTC and Samsung cell phones. But this Onda tablet is very, very nice. And I know that new, better, faster is right around the corner. I can live with that, for the time being. This product has so much potential! It'll keep me entertained for a long time. I'm looking forward to reading, contributing and asking questions here. Cheers! jdh2000