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  1. ONDA made it's own modifications to the kernel provided by Allwinner, and by GNU GPL licence they SHOULD upload their kernel sources.
  2. It is based on 1.0.6, so you can use it as you like.
  3. Press volume down and then volume up.
  4. Playa

    My thoughts on V989 Air (V3)

    Another user from this forum already sent them some e-mails. Their answer was "NO".
  5. Have you tried 1.0.6 rom?
  6. Nope. A83T SoC is used in some chinese tablets, no source code tho'. Porting from common A83T kernel is a very hard work.
  7. So their answer was "Nothing"? Well, I couldn't believe that their devs are so dumb. Does GNU GPL are just random letters for them?
  8. Could you please ask them if they can upload their source codes?
  9. install drivers if they are not. then hold power button for at least 10 seconds try to flash
  10. I've got this when tried V3 rom on V1, something related to framework-res.apk and other frameworks...
  11. you have to use phoenix suite and perform all wipes
  12. Take this http://www.ondaforum.com/topic/3146-989-air-core8-v101_v3zip/ After that, root it and remove useless shit. No way to make this tab faster
  13. What version of the tablet do you have? PS: tablet version is 9th and 10th digit in your serial number (located at the rear side)