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  1. My old rom was Rozak rom 1.9 and now Rozak rom 2.0.1 Difference : - Android 4.3 ===) Android 4.4 - Interface : more faster - Setting menu: stop to work when i clike on "Home" - Wifi : no more bug with the "Wake Lock" software - Boot : my tablet boot more fast - Skype : running without any problem - Youtube application : video doesnt work, only audio of videos works. I have black screen when i launch a video. By the way when i use internet navigator youtube works there. Issue for this problem : go to application search, and search youtube, uninstall the new version, then you will get previous version and no more bug, it work again for me. By the way Rozak, if you have any solution for this problem of new version, please let me know, thank you. - Root: proprely rooted, i can install any softwares - Audio : work good - Screenshot button added on menu, you can take screenshot at any time - PPSPP software to connect PS3 controller with OTG cable : works fine - Battery life : more better than old version - Gaming Experience : tested NOVA 3 : ok / Asphalt 8 : ok , Assassin Creed Pirates : ok By the way maybe it's stupid question, but how i can go completly to full screen when i run a game without the bottom menu ? Last question, when i run SuperSu, i have this : "Install an addon backup script that will let SuperSU survive Cutom Rom updates and nightlies?" should i confirm or cancel this installation? thank you guys
  2. Hi Rozak and Scibee, I would like to say a big thanks to you guys for all effort you do for Onda v975 community. I installed scibee recovery and Rozak rom 2.0.1 and everything installed without any problem. I will keep you update if i got any bugs. I have onda v975m v3 32gb. Keep up the good works Full suport from France Redproduct.
  3. Hi guys, i recently tested my controller PS2 with my onda V975m v3 with OTG cable and PS2 adapter usb controller : This adapter work directly on ONDA V975m, no need to do any configurations ! Of course you have to configure your controller to assign each buttons. Enjoy guys !
  4. Hi guys, I would like to share with you a small tips i found to fix charging problem. The official cable of onda v975 have a problem of quality and the head is not enough long to enter completly in the tablet, you need minimum 6cm. If you search a high quality cable, i recommend you : LG Cable micro usb to usb Then cut the plastic around until you get 6cm. Then your tablet will charge better and without problem anymore. Another important information : it's a lithium battery, never completly use your battery to 0% if it's happen, you will get 2 problems : - to turn on your tablet you need to power it many times, to make it start charging, tablet onda can't charge well if tablet is off. - Warning: Lithium battery loose duration life each time you go to 0%
  5. Hi Rozak, please i really need your help, my SuperSu did an update, tablet is no more rooted, i cant install any apps, and google store no work anymore: failed to "connect to the server". Also i format correctly in fat32 & 32bit 2 cards one of 32gb and one of 16gb and i put on them the root files at begin, when i turn on the power + volume nothings happen it back only to recovery mode. Same thing if i want to update to 1.1.0. Please bro i really need your help, my tablet work but i cant install anything.
  6. please someone help i cant do anything, i cant install also any apps
  7. Hi, i lost recently root because of SuperSU update and i have problem to connect in the server of Google play. I reset factory setting on Recovery Mode, but i still have the problem. And i tried to install again root, but when i want to run it by cliking on power and volume+ it back again to recovery mode. Also if i want to install new custom firmware, i cant run application, its back again to recovery menu :s Please help me to understand
  8. Hi Rozak, thanks for this nice topic, i have onda v975m A9 Core4 version 3 with bluetooth. I recieved it not rooted with original launcher and chineese apps. official firmware version is 1.0.8_v3; Android version 4.3 Kernel : Linux version 3.10.10-01284-gd332bc5 (dong.liang@droid07-sz) (gcc version 4.7.3 20130205) I was planning to install this file : ONDA_V975m_V3_v1.0.9_rozak_20140331 1. official onda firmware version 1.0.8 not rooted 2. Hardware type V3 bluetooth 3. never flashed yet I installed just now the normal version 1.0.9 (not the no checks) everything works fine ! big thanks razok you amazing guy ! thx for all Only one question, maybe its stupid but can i now delet and format the sd card to use it for multimedia after finishing install your custom firmware?