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  1. Hi all, i followed a guide to install ubuntu on the v820w it been told to use a "booti32" that mask to be 64bit so it will work with ubuntu. so the system was up for one time but after reboot it didnt work any more, i get a boot error on startup that the os didnt exists, and when im getting into the bios manu i cant enter SCU and Secure Boot Option. and i cant install any other OS from Boot manager or boot from file, i always get an error that it cant run the files. anyone have any idea how to fix it? at the end i want to install android only if it can. ps its V3 version, and i have programming tools to program the bios directly if nessery.
  2. hi, i've installed ubuntu x64 on the tablet just to try it and used a modified bootie x32 that was a 64 bit. and it worked, but after i reset the tablet the os wont work anymore and i have a problem with the bios. in the installation it ask me something about overwrite something and i didnt notice it so i think thats make the problem. anyway now i can get into the uefi but i cant get into the SCU or secure boot or device management, i can only use boot from file and boot manager but no matter what i do i get EFi device boot failed. any suggestion how to fix this? i wand to install android only btw
  3. eyco

    bios file

    hi, any body have bios.bin file for the v820w v3? 64bit
  4. hi, i need the bios.bin(64bit) file for the v820w... anyone have it or know were can i get it? thanks.
  5. i also interesting to know how to do it... i want to install Remix OS