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  1. Yep, MS support is what I was going to suggest next - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  2. uhm... well.... it seems there is one Windows for all version (1, 2, 3), not sure if I can help in this matter... Have you tried repeating the Windows rebrush process? Could you post a screen of the error message you are getting? Have you even tried Google? It might be something more related to Windows than to the hardware.. These results for example, have a look at it. Also have a look a this
  3. So have you tried rebrushing your Win partition? Also double check that the firmware correct for your hardware version - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  4. Contact Onda for this, providing your order number: they MIGHT be able to sort this out... - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  5. Yep, I'm fine with it and I use Firefox since ages - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  6. Hello there, just realized that the file on that thread is not the same I downloaded. Couldn't find any other driver package on this forum, maybe with the new forum something is gone lost... So I've uploaded the package I have used, to my GDrive here
  7. Bottom of the page (last post): http://www.ondaforum.com/topic/2931-onda-tablet-win10-driver-package-20150731/ For those Android problems there's no much I can tell: for the rotation problem see if AutoRotation is enabled in Settings > Accessibility but I have no idea about screen brightness, no problems here....
  8. There is a Windows 10 drivers package for V919 in the download section (can't give you the link as I'm writing from Tapatalk), just install it and your touchscreen will work correctly again. In the download section you can also find the Insyde OSswitch app for Windows. Alternatively you can boot into Android by holding down the VOL+ button as soon as you see the ONDA logo after switching on your tablet: in a few seconds you will see the multi boot selection screen and you can move the cursor by using the volume rocker and then select which one you want to boot by holding VOL+ again for about 6 seconds (if I remember well) - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  9. For those having Screen Rotation problems on Android after using the tool, I've found the solution: just go to Settings > Accessibility and enable AutoRotation. No fix for the Audio and Screen Brightness though as I'm not facing that problems... But unfortuntately, issues on Windows 10 with camera and microSD still persists for me....
  10. That's really frustrating, every tablet with it's onw personality....! I've checked today, no problems with audio and brightness in Android, but my Screen Rotation is gone too as I don't have the toggle on the slidable panel anymore and there's no option at all under Settings > Display Furthermore, 3 times out of 5 my Windows 10 doesn't detect the microSD and due to this issue I found out that there is also a problem with the front camera (which works well on Android):
  11. I used Update method. If you install the lang pack and fully turn the system to English you won't see any Chinese during install. I turned my W8.1 to Italian (se the left menu in language settings screen, go into Advanced Settings and use the button on the top to copy lang setting) and the installation process was fully Italian, included the Timezone that auto set to the correct GMT. Sorry for late reply, I'm in an area without Internet... EDIT: now that I'm back on my PC, I'm leaving you a link to the procedure for the above setting: just follow the reply on this question here - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  12. What MediaCreationTool are you using? I had the error because I was using the one downloaded from Microsoft website, use the one provided by Onda which is around 100KB smaller (probably they edited it to bypass this problem as they are using the big Recovery partitions in some devices) and it will work You can find it linked in OP - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  13. Well... It seems like an endless story... Windows upgrade went through, but now the touchscreen is screwed up! Can't hit NEXT button on first configuration page It if touch the button, the tap mark is detected on the top, if I tap the top it is detected in the middle and so on... - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
  14. NEWS HERE: It turned out that the MediaCreationTool I was using was the one downloaded earlier from MS servers. So that was mybad. I've downloaded again the one from the forum, listed on the OP and realized that there is a size difference: the MS one is 17,4MB while the one provided by Onda is 17,3MB. That's probably because they customized it with their devices needs... It seems that my toy here is upgrading now!! Thanks for your support guys! But I still wonder why my friend's V919 3G has the small Reserved Partition but we don't....
  15. Well actually I can't as I bought it for my mom and she doesn't know how to use Windows at all Did you upgrade with the MediaCreationTool in the forum download section or through Windows Update? - Tapatalked from my Find 7 QHD -
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