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  1. I mean that my V975 doens't freeze anymore. Moreover I got 31.437 on Antutu (with original 4.4 firmware). Before I was around 24.000, and, after 30 minute of intense activity (I mean candy crash playing) display over processor becomes a furnace and V975 stop working (freezes). Display yet becomes a little hot but it doens't burn anymore. Alas my temperature sensor always says 30 degree I cannot say how much I've improved.
  2. I've put this on my CPU, now my 975mV3 seems more stable.
  3. cacao

    CPU cooling

    In the end I've bought this, http://www.amazon.it/EK-WaterBlocks-Thermal-PAD-50x25x1/dp/B00BS8OW48
  4. cacao

    CPU cooling

    As my v975m has no CPU cooler, I'd like to buy a very performant one. I'd buy this ... http://www.amazon.it/dp/B00H3CTXRE/ref=dra_a_cs_lb_hn_it_P1400_1000?tag=dradisplay06-21&ascsubtag=4a251a2ef9bbf4ccc35f97aba2c9cbda Can someone say to me if there is something better? thanx Mauro
  5. Hi all, Yesterday I opened my V3: same issues 1) temperature fixed at 30° 2) nothing to dissipate CPU