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  1. My tablet doesn't read the temperatures (stuck at 30ºC). Inside the "cpu" folder (sys/devices/system/cpu), in which file are the logs located? How did you fix it? Thanks!
  2. It seems to be an excellent idea! Could you tell us where did you see it installed on a Pipo M9?
  3. lospider

    Answer from Amlogic

    Don't know if helps, but... Amlogic GPL Source Code Release – Kernel 3.10, U-Boot, and Drivers (Wi-Fi, NAND, TVIN, Mali GPU) Read more: http://www.cnx-software.com/2014/03/10/amlogic-gpl-source-code-release-kernel-3-10-u-boot-and-drivers-wi-fi-nand-tvin-mali-gpu/#ixzz3832a5GvH
  4. Is there a way to fix the temperature reading problem (stuck at 31º C)? Thanks in advance.
  5. I also would like where can we get the so called "Touch Screen Booster"... Thanks in advance!
  6. lospider

    CPU cooling

    I see... Thanks!
  7. lospider

    CPU cooling

    Hello, Mauro! Can you tell me how are your temperatures after installing the copper heatsink? Does it comes with a thermal adhesive to fix it over the processor or did you put some thermal grease? Thanks!
  8. Thanks, Sandpit! Did you use any thermal paste (like ArticSilver) between the processor and the thermal pad? How are your temps now? Did the lag stop?
  9. Did the 1mm pad fit perfectly? I'm asking this because I can't find the 1,5mm in my country, so I'd have to order via ebay and it will take more than one month to arrive...
  10. I just opened my V1 and it doesn't have the pad. Also, the yellow film doesn't have any cutout (like all others). I'm experiencing some lag and crashes after installing Operation Killjoy. So, I'll reduce the cpu frequency to 1600 until my thermal pad arrives. What else do you guys suggest? Are you being able to reduce the temps with Scibee's tips/tutorial??