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  1. Gee thanks smart ass, I am well aware of how to downgrade android devices. I wanted somebody to confirm that it was ok using the SCI BEES trwp with ROZAKS 1.10 custom ROM. dantyler gave me the info that was needed above.
  2. Although I am happy with my tablet now, purely down to DEVs here in this forum mind you, I will not be buying another ONDA that is for sure! Without this and XDA forum the ONDA would be DEAD on its feet.
  3. In what way is it stable? are we talking temperature of CPU or stable as in responsive tablet?
  4. That's very strange. I am running 2.0.1 KK 4.4.2 v3 no wifi issue issue. I have installed Deep Sleep Battery Saver and this closes the wireless when the screen turns off and restores when the screen comes on. When I flashed the custom ROM. I did not touch the SU settings. I flashed using Rozaks instructions for v3 custom 2.0.1 Rom.
  5. Download Deep Sleep Battery Saver that will stop the power drainign when off. Also I have just installed Killjoy Script with Performance X using the setting on the script thread and my tablet is working very well and battery life restored. However, I am running V975M V3 KK 4.4.2 bluetooth. I am not sure if both scripts are compatible with the V1 v975i you may want to check over at XDA.
  6. Fantastic news dantyler. Thanks for letting us know. It appears that there is much more we can do now with this tablet, now that TRWP has been created. Happy days. Keep us posted on your experienc .
  7. Apologies I assumed it was a V975M as most talk on this forum is regarding the V975M. I am not aware of the V719 tablet. Perhaps the powers that be will open up a separate area for these tablets (I wouldn't hold your breath though)
  8. Alright Pacman get off your soapbox we know your kind.........Only joking, welcome to the forum. A moderator is what is needed here, as well as a forum builder/constructor. All the information is here but you have to find it. Its a game the owner plays with us. Good luck in your search and if you need help somebody may just answer .
  9. I cannot answer your questions and as it appears only me and you are here I believe we stuck in limbo. Perhaps if we shout together, somebody may here us?
  10. Are you saying you have V975M? is there bluetooth on it? if so its a V3 - I recommend installing Rozaks custom 2.0.1 / 4.4.2KK as well as SciBees TWRP (FLASHABLE ZIP) need any help just ask.
  11. Typical not to hear from the shop once the thread gets going. Notice the NEGATIVE feedback. I know where I won't be going any time soon. OP - If it were me I owuld use a bog standard HDMI and put a HDMI - MICRO HDMI adapter on the end.
  12. Send It Back Dude
  13. Start here dude If you follow instructions by the letter you will not have a problem. SciBee now has flashable TWRP zip no need to rename the system file anymore. Just flash from Recovery ONCE YOU HAVE INSTALLED CUSTOM ROM
  14. After reading this thread it seems to me like we need the kernel from Onda in order to maximise performance. Can't see this happening any time soon. Fingers X though.