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    I have no problems using EZCast on mine with stock ROM (1.1.0_V4). Also works well with EZCast Screen to receive from my generic android phone. All aspects work, vieo, live tv, web, photo, camera etc. I went for the EZCast as the reviews seemed consistently better than other dongles.
  2. Interesting, original gave me 30-31,000, and bench X about 23,000. This new v5.0 beta1 gives me 35,808 On a V4 stock.
  3. I used them too, delivery was fast and they put the value down as £50 so had an additional £15 duty to pay (better than what could have been £30-£40) I too paid for the root service, which they did not do. I am convinced they never do this, it's just a con, has anyone ever had it rooted by them? Long story short; after many emails, many lies from them, after several weeks I got a refund out of them for the missing root service. Stick with it, it's free to send an email (or 20)
  4. No paste, the pad I got was naturally tacky like the stock one (if you are lucky enough to have a stock one!) Peak temperatures reduced by about 8°C. I never really suffered from bad throttling lag, but I do occasionally get a little input lag. no real difference in performance but it's nice to know I am not about to fry the tab.
  5. I replaced my 1mm with 1.5mm as the 1mm did not make full contact.
  6. I think that is the Mic, don't start prodding things in there.
  7. I got this one from the same supplier http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121123682132
  8. I installed the new 1.5mm pad so the seal should be good now. The new peak CPU temps now reach 62°C so that's an 8°C improvement. No impact on performance as the V4/1.1.0 combo doesn't seem to throttle CPU Antutu hitting 30K+ as ever
  9. Thanks for that detailed info. I ordered a 1.5mm pad but a 1mm arrived through the post! Waiting to resolve that. I couldn't however find any source of a shore00 of 25 or less, 40 was the best I could find and most cpu pads seem to be shore C scale, which as I understand is much firmer. Any idea where I could get a better pad? (I'm UK btw)
  10. Sandpit

    No widgets on my Onda v975m

    I had the same puzzle, but just install nova launcher from play store and normality returns to tablet land. Flashing to a better ROM is something you may well want to do at some point but it's not for everyone, particularly as the ROMs are not stable/bug free on all versions yet..
  11. Okay, took the back off again for another look. First, the thickness of the pad is 1.0mm Then I added a very thin film of vantec thermal paste and put the cover on carefully. Tested the temp again and got a peak of 70 again. On removing the back once more, only about 1/3 of the pad, nearest the side, had paste on, 2/3 of the pad was not in contact. I added a little more paste to hopefully improve that contact area little and temp now peaks at 68. There was an indent on the pad of the chip the first time I took the back off but of course, cutting the film away also has the effect of taking the pad away from the cpu, I'm guessing 0.1mm-0.2mm so it's actually possible that cutting the film away may actually make the situation worse! Also consider that we don't know the thermal properties of the yellow film, it may be a good heat conductor. By the way, when measuring the temp, run the test at least 3 times or you will get inaccurate readings. On first run from cold I always peak below 60, so make sure you get it up to consistent temp before assuming your cooling is adequate. I will order a 1.5mm thermal pad and try that. I may also order a fresh 1.0mm pad as the original may have squashed down, causing the gap once the film is removed.
  12. Here is my V4 running stock 1.1.0 As you can see, it has a pad (are we sure it's thermal?), it is stuck directly onto the yellow insulator, it is aslo 2-3mm offset from where it should be so misses true contact with the cpu. I cut a gap in insulating film in the correct position and re-applied but as you can see from the CPU temps, it still runs hot, hence my wondering if the pad is thermal or if it's just to cushion the cpu from impact. I will be buying a thermal pad to make sure.
  13. I also have this problem on stock 1.1.0 I haven't had anything other than black picture with sound. Some suggestions are that it could be an outdated flash player but that is locked in my ROM version, you might be able to update that from a Rozak ROM.
  14. Sandpit

    Current state of the lag

    Ah, sorry for the ambiguity. No, not in the case of this tablet, lag means the terrible delays in doing things in the interface. Like when you search play store and each keyboard press takes a second to register, when you press the running apps button and it takes 3 seconds to show you, stuttering and freezes in video playback etc.
  15. This is the big elephant in the room, it's got to the point where I think everyone is accepting it and hoping one day that Onda fixes it, My experience of manufacturers and the rate that new tablets come out doesn't give me much hope that this will ever be fixed. It's the No.1 problem with this tablet. I have read through most of the rom version reports so have a sense of what bugs are present. What is hard to find out is how is the lag now? I hear phrases like 'no as bad' and 'a bit better' but nothing quantifiable. Lag should be something that is there or is not there. I am running stock 1.1.0 on a V4 as shipped and the lag is terrible much of the time, sometimes the performance is great but most of the time it's laggy and sometimes it gets unusable. Did 2.0.1 significantly improve this or is it still laggy? The only reason why I haven't yet upgraded is if the lag situation isn't fixed yet then for me there is really no point.