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  1. It's possible they (google) are making changes if this works for you now. It didn't a few weeks back - I'd reset all apps to default and even reset to factory and every time, when it came to signing into google, it froze. It just got worse until wifi didn't even connect. Hopefully it'll be fixed but as was mentioned, sideloading the apks will work so the tablet is still useful.
  2. I noticed the problem first when I tried to sign onto google play - it just froze. So I carried on and soon found it would freeze when turning on wifi. I believe it's google trying to 'call home' as soon as wifi connects and is causing the same freeze. Try going into Apps and disable the Google play store and Google services. Reboot and see it wifi connects.
  3. Same problem here..I tossed the tablet then had second thoughts and pulled it out of the garbage and am trying to see if I can get it working. At first I couldn't log onto google without it freezing...now I can't go online at all, it freezes on wifi connect. I wanted to try other roms but can't get phoenix suit to work. Build number Onda Z Firmware version V1.0.5 Like you, this all started on 28th...? Related? https://forums.androidcentral.com/ask-question/890709-google-server-crashes-freezes-android-4-4-4-tablet-when-activating-wi-fi.html