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  1. hello, i have a onda v919 air ch tablet and i want to reinstall windows 10 so i have downloaded the windows 10 (th2) from onda.cn website and created a FAT32 micro-SD card with the boot files on it with WINPE name assigned plug it in the tablet in the micro-SD socket and a keyboard in the USB port. tried everything but still on boot cannot see the bootable SD card. anyone have an idea what im doing wrong?
  2. so i did not opened the .cmd file and just replaced the .txt file and suddenly all is working fine... for now... thanks!!
  3. thanks for replying jorgetor do i need to replace the .txt file before or after i install the driver from onda.cn? or i dont even need it?
  4. is not changing the name can cause something?
  5. have already tried it and found a solution.. but after i managed to get to WiFi detect networks after some time the system is on and connected to net the WiFi is getting "Limited" and loosing connection few seconds later the OS crushing and the tablet restarts. same after restart over and over again. the solution i have found is to download the WiFi driver from the onda.cn site and install it with no idea why it copies 1 file at a time and saying to push any key to esc every file so my thought was it is the same file so i touched the screen and it stops so if i known Chinese may be i understand what it is doing.. so if you like to try here is the link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c0Ax6KC ,im not sure what it does so be careful.. good luck.
  6. hello, please help me! i have resetted my new windows 10 onda v919 air ch all works fine but the wifi, it is not detecting networks. got the driver from download section here and installed -> nothing happens -> tried to solve it with all the suggestions i found online about windows 10 wifi problems -> nothing! please please please!!! help!