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  1. i have a very poor wifi quality as well. I think the WIFI Modulnis only operating in 54g Mode. I get maximum 10mbit download (i have a 106Mbit connection) Can the txt File be wrong or the driver?
  2. Hi, after resetting my Windows WiFi did not find any Router. So i copyied the TXT File as you wrote. Now it works. Thank you BUT the Signal Quality is very poor. With my Notebook and mobile Phone i get nearly 300 mbits and with the Onda v919 ch air (4GB) i only get 20-50 mbit (maximum). Is the wifi quality normaly so bad or do i need to install Windows new. Reinstalling the wifi driver did not solve the bad signal quality. thanks a lot bye Marc Gesendet von meinem PLK-L01 mit Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for the Info. Is V1 the 2GB oder 4GB Version? Or what is v1 and v2? Thanks for the Info bye Marc Gesendet von meinem PLK-L01 mit Tapatalk
  4. Autobahnkurier

    onda V919 air ch wifi detection problem

    Hi, thank to the TXT File the Wifi is working now again. But now the "Rate" is very low (max 54 mbits). I think something in the setting (TXT) that disabled the 802.11 n Mode. Better lets say now any the 54g Mode (a) is now only enabled. With my Phone and with my PC i get real 300 mbits. Can someone check the settings from the TXT File? # NVRAM file for BCM943430WLSELG # 2.4 GHz, 20 MHz BW mode # The following parameter values are just placeholders, need to be updated. manfid=0x2d0 prodid=0x0726 vendid=0x14e4 devid=0x43e2 boardtype=0x0726 boardrev=0x1101 boardnum=22 macaddr=00:90:4c:c5:12:38 sromrev=11 boardflags=0x00404201 xtalfreq=26000 nocrc=1 ag0=255 aa2g=1 ccode=AG/2 pa0itssit=0x20 extpagain2g=0 #PA parameters for 2.4GHz, measured at CHIP OUTPUT pa2ga0=-168,6009,-726 AvVmid_c0=0x0,0xc8 cckpwroffset0=5 # PPR params maxp2ga0=78 txpwrbckof=6 cckbw202gpo=0 legofdmbw202gpo=0x66111111 mcsbw202gpo=0x77711111 # OFDM IIR : ofdmdigfilttype=18 ofdmdigfilttypebe=18 # PAPD mode: papdmode=1 #papdvalidtest=3 il0macaddr=00:90:4c:c5:12:38 wl0id=0x431b deadman_to=0xffffffff # muxenab: 0x1 for UART enable, 0x2 for GPIOs, 0x8 for JTAG muxenab=0x1 # CLDO PWM voltage settings - 0x4 - 1.1 volt #cldo_pwm=0x4 #Out-of-band GPIO Wakeup sd_gpout=0 sd_gpval=1 sd_gpdc=0 rssicorrnorm=15