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  1. Can I attach a keyboard to my Onda V975W? any advice on this.
  2. Can I attach a keyboard to my Ona V975W? any advice on this.
  3. I want to create playlist of music files which I have already downloaded and can be located in file explorer folder. How do I add these files to the 'Music' application?
  4. Thanks for your reply. Not sure what you mean by my tab and ROM version? Here is what is on the back of the Onda Model: V975m SN:V975MAE2V1C02044 16 GB
  5. It does not seem to b set up for blue tooth. Can I do anything to set it up?
  6. Problem solved. I got hold of a second OTG cable and tried the modum on it. It worked without me doing anything else. I automatically connected to the internet. Thanks for your advice. The problem must have been with the old OTG cable. Thanks for advising me on this. I would not have solved it otherwise.
  7. 1. When I try to connect the modem through the OTG cable, it does NOT register on the Tablet. When i connect a flash drive through the OTG cable it DOES register. Must I download and install 'Connectify.me' to the Tablet? I assume I must. Is it the same for the Widget? I assume I must. My dilemma is that I don't have access to any Wi-Fi for the Tablet. I'm in a remote part of West Africa
  8. The Airtel Modem I am trying to use with the Onda is a Huawei Mobile. I have taken a screenshot of its Properties, see below. Should it work on my Onda V975m?
  9. What should I do next? I am over 70 years old and not very good at this. How do I find out which version of firmware I have on the Onda? and how do I find out if the Airtel modem is compatible with the Onda tablet?
  10. I have an Airtel Modem (in Nigeria) which connects into my laptop. I can run the setup program and am now connected to the internet. Can I use this Modem with my Onda tablet. I have a USB connector into which I can put the modem and the other end goes into the Tablet. If I insert a flash drive in this way it shows up in Onda. But the Modem does not show up. How can I install it? Any advice appreciated
  11. Not solved yet. I open home screen. Swipe to left, it reveals a second page. This has four or five icons (apps, I presume). But the Globe icon does NOT appear on this page. There is an 'App installe'r Icon on this second page. When I tap on it, it lists a number of icons ('Live Sports Stream, #Football Live, Kingsoft Clip), but no sign of Globe here. Also how can I find out which version of the OS is on my Onda V975m?
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