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  1. Hi, can you please reupload this : Thanks a lot. Edit : nvm, found it elsewhere
  2. The last time I did it, the windows installation was stuck after 1st reboot, and unable to boot windows (8.1 neither 10) anymore. Anyway, I'll try this one more time. Again, thanks for all your advices and links. It was really helpful.
  3. The next step of evolution ! Upgrading my Windows from 8.1 to 10. Opening a new thread may be a better idea ?
  4. I just used the "Magical Windows Update". For this upgrade, I'll look for tutos on this forum
  5. Problem solved ! That was this damn partition. I flashed the android firmware to delete all partitions, then i retry the image files you linked me, and IT WORKED ! Again, thanks !
  6. I just made your procedure with your files, the process is stuck on the bcdboot. I really think this partition makes things not right.
  7. Mmh. I ran a gparted usb key and I found something weird. I've got a ESP fat32 part on /dev/mmcblck0p1 64Mb flags boot ESP, which seems to be the windows bootloader. But it's before the android partitions o_O . I saw in the Output.txt provided by your links that there's no such partition. Your Output.txt file : But it has been generated by the WinPE environment. So we can doubt about it. Can you confirm there's no such partition on your tablet ? Maybe, when I Tried to windows_update from 8.1 to 10 the process has created this partition and moved the others, causing this mess.
  8. I'll try this tomorrow, thanks for the links. Are the links okay for the 3G version ? Coz it's not mentionned in archive names.
  9. I bought this tab, Onda V919 3G Air 9.7 inch Win8.1 + Android 4.4 Phone Tablet PC version 1 RAM: 2GB ROM: 64GB (u confirmed me the version at least).
  10. I own the 64Gb version, so I used this and this image files. Am I wrong ? I browsed this forum for many days, and I didn't found any topic with an answer to this problem. I read on another website that I have to enable legacy boot in UEFI, but i'm not used to the Insyde UEFI/BIOS. Maybe did I modified something I shouldn't in the BIOS program ? Sorry for my rudimentary English, I am of French origin. Thanks again for answering.
  11. Thanks for answering. I tried this exact procedure at least a dozen times. Each time I've been stuck in the end of the script: on the bcdboot. It seems the script doesn't know how to manage the dual boot system and on which partition the bootloader must be written. When I try to install windows via the classic way, the installation program informs me that the partitions are not in the correct order for a GPT disk and stucks after "Installing updates" => "Finishing up" (see next screen capture). After several mminutes, a popup informs me that "Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation". Any idea ? In order to make a correct reinstall, I thought a bit different. Make a ghost of the 16th, 17th and 18th partitions via Acronis True Image HD (for example) after a fresh reinstall on a working tablet. I could restore these working partitions using a ghost software. What do you think of this idea ?
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