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  1. Hi, apologies if this topic has already been discussed. I was wondering if anybody knows,If not now then sometime in the future if it will be possible to install android on the Air 919ch so it can dual boot like various other models.
  2. So, I have gotten my hands on this tablet today. So far I'm pretty impressed everything seem to work so far as it should but for some reason I'm only getting WiFi download speeds of up to 3mb.... Is this normal? I know this device is inferior to my Ipad air 2 which reaches up to 65mb but surely it should be faster than 3. Browsing is fine and I'm happy with everything but this, Is it a driver issue? Thanks.
  3. Lanxman

    Hello Onda owners.

    Hello forum members, I have just ordered my first Onda tablet (Onda air v919 CH) hoping to learn some tricks and tips about windows/dual boot Onda tablets from you wizards on here. Looks like a great community.