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  1. Hello I have a Onda v891W 64GB OI1104 Tablet It was with Windows 8 and Android Then I did an update to Windows 10 and after some Driver updates it worked very well Now I had to reinstall Windows 10 but I cannot find the proper drivers any more. Last time it worked because before it was Windows 8 and so it found the good Drivers Now it is only Windows 10 and I cannot find the right drivers :-( What can I do? I tried this: TOUCHSCREEN_DRIVER_W10 V891w Core4_Win8.1_x86_Drivers V891 DualOS_Drivers_install ONDA Tablet 11-04-2016 4-43-57 Nothing worked!
  2. Hello my v891w does not load anymore :-( My daughter broke an USB in the plug. So now I cannot use it because it doesn't load any more! Where can I order the USB part? (like picture INET I80SL-rev 02)
  3. Now it works!!! I reinstalled for the... time this driver DualOS_Win8.1_x86_Drivers.zip (about 145MB) Now it works
  4. Hello I also have the Onda v891w, 64GB 2GB RAM 1920x1200, Windows 8.1, Android 4.4, I think it is V1 I installed Windows 8.1 and drivers and it worked. Now I updated to Windows 10 and it does not work Did anybody find a solution? for Windows 10! BTW: did you install Android 5? And how?
  5. Hello I have a v891w It is 64GB, 2 GB Ram, 1920x1200, Windows 8.1bing, Android 4.4 Z3735F can you tell me witch version it is? I need to download the right drivers and so I need to know! Will the Onda V891w Dual OS get it's Android updated to at least 5.0 or even 6.0?
  6. Hello I have an v891w with 8.1 and Android 4.4 I installed Windows 10 (upgrade) and everything worked fine. Than I ha a problem with user management. So I decided to clean install Windows 10. Install worked fine but now I had the touch problem What can I do? I just installed all drivers I found here but nothing! 3 problems: Touch, camera and orientation. When I turn the tablet it is 180 degrees I tried to reinstall Windows 8.1bing now but I cannot?!? USB sais there is no USB installing supported.. Setup in Explorer says that installing cannot be supported Who can help me??
  7. Hello I got my v891 double OS 64GB w I am very happy with it and also changed language from chinese to german now. My question: Can I do the upgrade to Windows 10 or will there be any problems with drivers? Is it possible to do an upgrade to Android 5? Where can I download the files to do the upgrades? Is there just any "HOW TO?" Thank you very much
  8. Hello I just got my v891w It is in Chinese. The language seems to be switched to English (in the Taskbar is EN) but all items are in Chinese How can I change this? btw: Can I update to Windows 10? Can I update Android to Android 5?