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    Do like to do stof by myself. hate paying others, when i can lear doing it self.
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  1. no bootable sd.needed. just copy the zip to sd. and install the zip with any custom recovery. wipe data if needed
  2. used this I got bootloop. then I erased aml_autoscript from the bootable sdcard. and it worked. then install twrp and from there install 0.0.4
  3. thanks. got tired of no optima. on stanes rom. seems like this is the best rom. Thanks
  4. selinuxmodechanger seems to Work. getenforge shows permissiv so now viper4android Works. but might need to set to awesomeplayer in. developers settings. had alot of SOD. but seems no problem after i changed Scheduler set to deadline. Governer set to interactive seems to match my prefs best Kodi Isengard seems to Work fine with amlcodec allowed. UI good apps load a Little slow. Browsing needs alot yet. Bigges problem is in my eyes optimation on boot. Can We install logging tools to help You. and which do you like best? We need a little better Communications. Thanks to you Stane! ps is Kernel possible to compile openly? a status Again Thank You!!!
  5. would a fix permissions in recovery not fix that?
  6. please see changelog in the download. they are there as allways. for the lasy: What's New in Version Lollipop 0.9.3 Beta 1 (See full changelog) •based on Amlogic 5.1.1 SDK •kernel patched to 3.10.80 •stability fixes •camera still doesn't work To Stane... Thanks looks nice. test if time this weekend
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