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  1. Hamrag79

    Hi Fellow Onda Owners

    Hi Guys - Its Me Again, After a late night and disappointing struggle with my V919, I have today returned it to Amazon. I think the device has still many design problems, and requires a good and knowledgeable service department, which currently is not available. Thanks for your attention. All the best
  2. Hamrag79

    Hi Fellow Onda Owners

    Hi Guys, After a number of months studying reviews for numerous Tablets I could not decide if I should go for a Windows O.S or Android. Last week for the first time I read about The Onda V919 dual boot device, which appeared to offer me a neat solution to my problem. So this week I purchased An Onda V919 Air 64GB from Amazon. As a complete novice with Tablets, I was initially shocked to find that No User manual ?? came with the device, and although I have got it running on both O.Ss, I have yet to find out how to access the C Drive from my PC via the USB port. Any help with this first of possibly many questions would be gratefully received