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  1. iGucci

    Ultra-thin leather case

    Hello, I use this cover for 1-2 months and the cover looks like new. I recommend to everyone!
  2. iGucci

    Google Home Laucnher

    It works best on Android 4.3, Android 4.4 has some lags.
  3. iGucci

    Ultra-thin leather case

    Hello, you use it every day and still like new. Put the unboxing video on my YouTube channel.
  4. - Chronus [Google Play] - Chronus PRO [Download]
  5. All apps are suitable for the tablet. It works perfectly on Onda V975m. - LockerPro Lockscreen v5.5 [Download] - iLauncher v3.1.3.1 [Download] - iNoty v1.0.6 [Download] - 3D Parallax Background v1.15 [Download]
  6. iGucci

    Battery life of Onda v975m

    5-6 hours with WI-FI, Browser, GTA SA, Movie. 2-3 day when I don't use it. 1.0.4 Firmware
  7. Hi everybody, this LAUNCHER work very fast and is very nice. I recommend it to everyone. Google Play is written that is not compatible with V975m, but if you downloaded from the Direct Link it all works. Download [ Google Play / Direct link ]
  8. Hello, I bought this cover and it is very good. I highly recommend it. The thing that sets it apart from other cover is written on the V975. link