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  1. Hi everyone, I have an Onda Obook 10 V5 (not SE) and I would like to make a clean installation of windows but I can not start it from usb. I thought it might be a problem with the bootx64.efi file, so I replaced it with bootia32.efi but it still does not work. any suggestions?
  2. Thanks! I will write in README file to the disable drivers. For Wi-Fi, I think there's an antenna problem too. Destination path for drivers would be The same (C: Windows/system32/drivers/UMDF for accelerometer and C: Windows/system32/drivers for Wi-Fi) right?
  3. now, after your reset, it works your accelerometer? I have never encountered crash with wifi
  4. After a reset on my Onda Obook 10, accellerometer and wifi aren't work anymore. For wifi i found a fix on this forum but for accellerometer there was nothing. Finally i write a simple batch program, based on wifi fix, that permanently fix accellerometer. Wifi have still some issue if tablet there is not near the router, but at least it connect In my case, this fix, works fine but i need more people for test this program for a major security. If someone want to try this fix, i have attached the program at this topic. thanks and remember to say me if it works IMPORTANT: read the README file for instructions. EDIT: Updated README file with better intructions (thanks to @Muhammad84) driver_fix.zip
  5. hi guys yesterday i has purchase onda obook 10. WiFi did not work well, infact it was very slow and unstable. So, i tried to install driver of broadcom 802.11n from this link. After install i has black screen and a reboot with BSoD. I tried factory reset but it stopped on 30% all night. this morning i try to install the factory image from this link but the tutorial is in chinese (i think). I already read this post but i don't understand how i can create double partition with boot and image. someone can explain me step to step how can i reset my tablet please? thanks