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    Hi Guys, in my haste many years ago I bought an Onda V975i. Luckily I was quick enough to buy it before the version 2 was realeased, so I ended up being two months short of being able to run windows 10 on it (sarcasm of course) Anyways, I flashed and old version of android on it years ago (4.2.2) but it cant update or be reinstalled blah blah blah. Now sadly, no new apps work on it and its pretty much a useless piece of junk. Here comes the emotional blackmail bit guys... my 7 year old daughter uses it but of course as she gets older she wants the newer games and Im not made of money to buy her a new one. Your my only hope wan kenobi, does anyone know if I can flash a newer verion of android on it to at least give it a little more life? Virtual beers and snacks in it for the man/woman strong enough to take on such a no win quest!!!