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  1. Yes, everything is good the otg, keyboard an mouse, but to tablet don't recognize them. What can I do for reset the BIOS?? Wit out keyboard. Thank you for you help.
  2. thanks,mychalme but now I have an other problem how can reset the bios whit out keyboard,my tablet not reconoce the keybord and the mouse,I tock the better ting is put and the dumpster.lol
  3. Thank you, for your help.
  4. Yes I do, the flash drive is good but I know just I need the drivers for the hard drive if you have that please link them. Thanks
  5. Sorry, can you put the link for the drivers?? Im very desperate, thank you.
  6. hi sorry the picture is wen I try to install windows 10 ,but this is the picture wen I run the IMG FOR ONDA,if you can put the link for the drivers please I try to many drivers but no one have for the SATA or eMMC or if you can copy from your tablet,THANK YOU for try to help me.
  7. hi no,because went I try tu flash the window come out one text tha sae no particion o disk this is the problem I have
  8. hi mychalme thanks you I make the usb works but,sae (not found inside disk)now I need the drivers for the (SATA/eMMC)can you help me again please,thangs.
  9. ok I gonaa try thank you,sorry can you tell me how flash them please
  10. Sorry this is good to use an Onda v919 v1 Windows only?? If not can you help me to find them, please thank you.
  11. sorry the can you post the web side link sorry can you put the link for the web side,I have the onda v919 air ch windows only,thaks.
  12. hi how can re-intall win10 and my onda v919 air ch v1 windos only? I try but come one mensaje that say no HDD detected need driver controled pleasehelp me.
  13. i have same problem i ting s the drivers problem,not reconose the hard driver or eMMC if you have this driver please tell me I needtem
  14. driver help

    hi some one have the eMMC drivers my tablet dont detect the hard driver please help me.thanks
  15. hi sorry but i neet help for flash the windows in my tablet when i try to flash windos there dont show the hard drive i need the drivers for then.I have ONDA V919 AIR CH V1 WINDOWS ONLY please help me note:and can tell me how to flash then. thangs.