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  1. Hi, I know this is an old thread so probably noone will bother, but I have nothing to lose right now. V989 Air V5. Got it rooteed and removed the bloatware. It got a bit better. But Play store would still feeze so I was trying to flash the CWM from this thread. I used Rashr and it seemed to go through. Selected "reboot to recovery" The tablet rebooted but got stuck on the initial white onda logo. (There is a second green onda logo with sound). Now I can't do anything. It fails to do the following: boot to os boot to recovery be accessed by ADB of fastboot be recognized by phoenix Suite appear in windows device manager appear in lsusb in linux Tried: Uberizer adb fastboot phoenix Suite putting empty factory_update_param.aml on extsd card putting factory_update_param.aml with path to stock rom battery pull (I've opened it) every possible key press combination (including the fourth button not accessible when the bezel is on. Is there any other tool that I can try? Or maybe a serial port? If there is a way to reset it by short circuit of some pins that would work too. Any help will be appreciated. I really liked it while it worked...