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  1. Yes! It works very well. Have been running android only for a month now
  2. Hello, The following is a guide on how to remove windows completely from the Onda V80 Plus. [I am in no way responsible for your device, so proceed at own risk] 1. Download the Onda V80 plus android firmware. Make sure that you download the correct version for your tablet, V1 or V3 Official links: http://www.onda.cn/Tablet_Supports.aspx?id=341 Unofficial link: (for V1) V80 PLUS中性固件(適用於V1版本8GB)-20160701.zip 558.6M https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByS...ew?usp=sharing Unofficial link: (for V3) [provided by @kandit] https://cloud.mail.ru/public/MzuV/BwQAH5T7C 3. Replace the "gpt.bin" on the USB drive, with the attached file on this post2. Extract the files onto a USB drive (Instructions can be find inside the zip file) 4. Connect a USB hub and connect the USB drive and also a keyboard, then boot into the BIOS by clicking ESC when starting your device 5. Choose your USB drive as startup method and let it do its job That's it. You should now have a full 32gb version of android on your Onda V80 Plus Enjoy! gpt.bin
  3. Thanks for your answer!!! I was lucky enough to have a Chinese friend and managed to download the file! But the thing is, it only removes windows and reinstalls android, but keeps the partition as they were. I found somewhat of a solution and managed to up the android partition to 16gb by changing the gpt.bin file in the rom. The thing is though, that i want to use the full 32gb available, so need to figure something out about that, or if you or someone else know how to get the full 32gb? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have been looking for a way to install only android on my Onda V80 plus tablet. I found this Onda website where you can install the android side and remove windows completely http://www.onda.cn/Tablet_Supports.aspx?id=341 The top link sends me to Baidu, which is a chinese website like dropbox or something i think. I cant download the file that the Download link sends me to https://pan.baidu.com/s/1pL4JOr5 Can someone help, how should i proceed?